Merry Christmas from EFI

Hey, I’ve got a special holiday message for you! CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video. Make sure to enjoy the rest of the year and check out my holiday message! Rick Kaselj, MS

Diet Free Weekends Review

Last weekend was a long weekend in Canada and the family took advantage of it. We headed for a family bike ride. We drove about 30 minutes from our house and headed to Myra Canyon. […]

Are You In Diet Jail?

Today, I have a guest blog post from Mike Whitfield. I have known Mike for years. Two weeks back, I headed out for breakfast with him… and a few others (Shawna Kaminski, Andrew Raposo and […]

Best Suntan Lotion

I made it to Maui. It was a little crazy trying entertaining two kids under 5 for a six hour flight. The people that sat in front of us were not impressed. (Sorry.) We were […]

Who Let the Chickens Out?

Two weekends ago I was in Denver and this past weekend I was in Whistler. But before I get to that, this was my son last night: No work last weekend but a birthday weekend […]

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