14 Things Wealthy People Don't Do

14 Things Wealthy People Don’t Do

October 2, 2019 Rick Kaselj

There are certain things wealthy people don’t do ― certain habits they rule out and certain mindsets they avoid wholeheartedly. Here’s a list of 14 things wealthy people don’t do. 1. Wealthy People Don’t Watch […]

Safe Options for Skin Lightening

Safe Options for Skin Lightening

September 26, 2019 Rick Kaselj

You look in the mirror and frown. You’ve been taking good care of your skin, but you still see dark spots, splotches, and patches that mar your appearance. This discoloration seems to stick with you […]


9 Secrets of Happy People

September 25, 2019 Rick Kaselj

Some people seem to be happy all the time. They’re smiling when you see them, laughing with their children and making jokes with cashiers. If you’ve ever wondered how happy people maintain such a delightful […]


27 Tips From Grandma That Work

September 19, 2019 Rick Kaselj

Grandmas are famous for their little tips. They have tips for how to eat, when to shop, who to date and which dish soap has the longest-lasting bubbles. While some of Grandma’s advice is best […]


DIY Garden in a Mint Tin

September 17, 2019 Rick Kaselj

A garden need not necessarily be made from multiple acres of land that are tilled with massive agricultural combines and requires staff to maintain. Smaller plots of land can be properly managed by an elderly […]


How to Color Your Hair Safely

September 11, 2019 Rick Kaselj

According to recent statistics, 34.37 million Americans used hair-coloring products four or five times in the year 2018. About 8.33 million used them six to 13 times, and 1.17 million used them 14 times or […]

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