Deadly Barbell Complex

Deadly Barbell Complex

It has been very cool hanging out with Vince Del Monte, Flavia Del Monte, Adam Steer, Chris Lopez, Eric Wong, Dave Ruel, Dan Go, Brad Pilon, Matt Gallant, and Yuri Elkaim in New Brunswick, Canada.

Lots of time sharing what is working regarding helping our readers, business tips to help more, and productivity.

Here we are: (Those are Brad’s M&Ms.)

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One thing we did was watch the MMA fight on Saturday night. The fight was a bit of a disappointment but an important lesson for all. Over the past few days, Matt and Eric have taught me about MMA and the training during lunch. Amazing stuff.

I am leaving New Brunswich and heading to Tampa Bay to meet with Mike Westerdal.

Before I go, here is a barbell complex that you can try. I know Eric does some barbell work with his MMA fighters.

Take care.

Rick Kaselj, MS

What’s happening? Travis, here I got a barbell complex that you can try out.

What we are going to do is we are going to hit three movements.

You will start with a deadlift and go with three reps. From deadlift, you are going to power clean and up into the back squat, which you are going to hit the back squat twice, and then from the back squat, you are going to go into a push press/push jerk; either way, you are going to get it overhead any way possible for one rep.

So we are going 3, 2, and 1 with deadlifts, squats, and push press. What you are going to do is we are going to do ten rounds.

Barbell Complex_Deadly Barbell Complex

How to Score Yourself for the Barbell Complex

The way you will get a score for this is that every round is worth points. Say you do 185 pounds every round for ten rounds. What you will do is add up 185 or take it to times 10. You will divide the number you get from that by your weight. Say you weigh 150 lbs., and you will take 1850 divided by 150 lbs. That would be your overall score, whatever that is.

Relevant to your weight, the more weight you lift with this complex, the better your score will be. What you are going to get is 45 seconds in between when you finish your push press and when the bar touches the ground; you are going to get 45 seconds in between each round, which gives you enough time to adjust the weight if you need to and get back on the bar and hit it.

We don’t want to hit this complex and stand around for 2 to 3 minutes. We will be pushing the pace a little bit, pushing your conditioning. But at the same time, we are working strength with these lower reps with the barbell.

The key will obviously be the transition between your power clean and your back squat. You have to be able to clean the bar up to your chest and get the bar back into the back squat position. And then from there, you are going to do push press. You must adjust the weight according to what you can power clean and press over your head; that should be interesting.

Go ahead and check out the highlights. I will post right after this and make you post your scores up and get after it. We’ll see what you got.

Please give it a go, and leave you to score below.

I do this one of the barbell complexes; if you are looking for more barbell complexes, you can check out Barbell Battlefield.

Travis Stoetzel

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