Effective and Ineffective Quad Stretch

I am doing a quick video on quadriceps; an effective quadriceps stretch and an ineffective quadriceps stretch. I am going to use my trusty mop in order to help me out. The mop isn’t required but with the mop, we eliminate balance concerns. We want to focus on stretches as opposed to a balanced exercise.

Effective & Ineffective Quad Stretch


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I take my trusty mop and grab something stable. I am grabbing the quadriceps and bringing the heel towards the seat. Now a lot of people who stretch this way are really not getting an effective stretch in the quadriceps or the muscle that is typically tight in individuals which is rectus femoris, a two joint muscle that crosses over the hips. You need to get hip extension to get a more effective stretch. I am grabbing the heel or grabbing the forefoot, bringing the heel to the seat, and bringing the knee back to really isolate the rectus femoris.

How to Do Quadriceps Stretch

Quadriceps Stretch

If you see your client compensating the lower back by increasing the lower doses or doing an anterior tilt, what you can do is brace the abdominal area almost creating a posterior tilt, bringing the heel towards the seat. Prior to bringing the heel towards the seat, you are really activating that abdominal area and posterior tilting heel to seat and then bringing the knee back to get a more effective quadriceps stretch and hit the rectus femoris.

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Rick Kaselj, MS