Eric Cressey to Headline the 2010 Fitness & Rehab Conference

Eric Cressey to Headline the 2010 Fitness and Rehab Conference copy

I am on my way to Seattle to present at the NSCA Washington State Fall Clinic.  Before I headed off, I wanted to let you know who will coming to Vancouver next year.

This will be the fifth time that the I have hosted the Fitness & Rehab Conference.  It is amazing to think that it has made it to the big 5.  With it being the fifth, I wanted to make it bigger than any of the other so I went out looking for a big name to match the event.

I am so excited to announce Eric Cressey as the headliner of the 2010 Fitness & Rehab Conference.

I have been reading Eric’s work for years and it is great to have him come up to Vancouver, BC, Canada and share his knowledge on corrective exercise.

I know some of you maybe saying, “who?”  Trust me, he is one of the leaders in the fitness industry when it comes to corrective exercise.

Now that you know who is coming to the 2010 fitness & rehab, this is what you need to do.

#1 – First Thing To Do

Go to your calendar and block off March 27 & 28, 2010.  I have given you all almost 5 months notice about this amazing conference.  Block it off and book they days off work.

#2 – Second Thing To Do

Sign up for Fitness & Rehab VIP list.

Benefits of the of the Fitness & Rehab Conference VIP List:

– VIP discount on the conference
– early access to conference registration
– entered into special prizes
– bonus gifts
– be first to get the details on the conference
– get updates on the conference
– So much more!  (It is a secret.)


#3 – Third Thing To Do

Let your friends and colleagues know about this event.

Eric has never presented in Canada.

I have no plans on bringing him back.

I doubt he will ever come back to Vancouver.

This is your one chance to see him in Vancouver.

#4 – Fourth Thing to Do

Watch this video.

Eric Cressey to Headline the 2010 Fitness & Rehab Conference

==>  CLICK HERE to watch the Eric Cressey Healing 2010 Fitness & Rehab Conference

Are you excited?  I am!

#5 – Fifth Thing to Do

Write down the details on Fitness & Rehab Conference.

Date: March 27 & 28, 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)

Location: TBA

Presenter: Eric Cressey

Okay, I don’t have all the details.  I wanted to get the date to you and who will be presenting so you can block off you calendars.  More details will be coming soon.

I am so excited!  Off to Seattle to talk about running injuries and exercise.

Rick Kaselj, MS