Excellent Exercise for Improved Stability of the Shoulder

Excellent Exercise for Improved Stability of the Shoulder

In this video, I wanted to go through a great exercise that will help improve the stability of your shoulder.

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If you have ever experienced a shoulder injury,

those shoulder blade muscles are the first muscles that will not work. It’s important to work on those muscles so that they can help in the recovery of the shoulder injury and prevent another shoulder injury from happening. The shoulder is a remarkable joint. Despite the large range of motion possible at the shoulder, the shoulder remains quite stable. Until the injury, that is. Use the exercise in this post to help stabilize the shoulder in order to prevent or heal from an injury.

This exercise is called the Waiter’s Carry. Get a dumbbell and press it overhead (I prefer to use a single arm). Now take the weight for a walk. Your arm should be straight up and in line with your ear. While you walk, make sure you keep your shoulder down and away from your ear, and your shoulder blade pulling to the mid-line of your back.

Waiter’s Carry

Waiter’s Carry

This exercise works on activating the muscles around your shoulder blade. It should almost feel like you are sucking the arm into that shoulder joint, and really feel the muscles around the shoulder blade working and activating. Having your arms overhead really works on those shoulder blade muscles a lot more.

When you take the weight for a walk, you are also working on your core. Since we only have one dumbbell, you are challenging the core more by working on balance, and are also challenging a single side.

Make sure you are alternating back and forth to work on both shoulders. Increase the weight to make the exercise more challenging, but make sure that your technique is perfect first. If you fatigue or have too much load over your head, you could increase the risk of injury and pain.

Give the Waiter’s Carry exercise a go. It is excellent for shoulder recovery and shoulder health.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

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