Exercise Rehabilitation of the Lower Body Review

In a world where lifestyles are the norm and desk jobs are on the rise, it’s no wonder that many people have issues with obesity, back pain, and general lower body weakness. The good news is that all of these issues can be tackled through exercise rehabilitation of the lower body.

Exercise rehabilitation programs that target the lower body help to strengthen muscles in the hips, glutes, quads, and hamstrings—critical areas for keeping your lower body healthy.

It was an excellent weekend teaching Exercise Rehabilitation of the Lower Body.

Exercise Rehabilitation of the Lower Body

Thank you to everyone that attended.

It was great to have so many personal trainers, and group fitness instructors attend the courses.

Balance Training for the Rehab Client

Rehab client Testimonials

“A good hands on course with a lot of examples for exercises for the rehab client.  You can start using your knowledge right with your clients.”

Stefanie Rogge

“I have really enjoyed the courses I have taken over the weekend and found them very interesting and informative.  I feel the information will give me great tools to utilize in my training programs.”

Shea Sargent

“Rick is a very good speaker.  Very knowledgeable, easy to understand, describes the material in a manner that anyone can understand.  I find his courses to be excellent in quality.”

Deana Critchley

“Rick is friendly and easy to approach about course material.”

Pablo Chang

“I recommend the courses offered by Rick to all fitness professionals for optimal rehabilitation of clients.”

Fez Moussavi-zadeh

“If personal trainers want to be more informed, take these courses to get great practical info.”


Thank you to everyone that participated. I had an excellent time teaching and sharing the information with you. Once again, I had great feedback from everyone that attended:

Essential Things that Fitness Professionals are looking for in a course:

  • Great exercises – It would benefit everyone
  • Everything was touched on – Appropriately discussed, and nothing forgotten
  • Informative – Topics are precise and interconnected.
  • The course was beneficial – It will help you identify the correct problems to solve with data science and equip you with the skills required to tackle them.
  • Learning the right exercises for each injury – There is no one size fits all approach to injury prevention. 
  • The course moved smoothly – The content was straightforward to understand, and each unit had a logical flow, making the course engaging and easy to follow. The language was simple, and the examples used were relevant to our daily lives.
  • The course was very balanced – included all the critical elements of a successful fitness course.
  • The course was not intimidating – Simple and straightforward, which made it easier for people to participate and share their thoughts and opinions.
  • Hands-on course – Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, elevate pain due to injury, or become more active, an online course can help you reach it.
  • Many great exercises – You can choose various activities depending on your fitness goals.
  • Interactive – You enjoy doing itCore-Stability-Courses

If you missed out on the Exercise Rehabilitation of the Lower Body courses, I will be teaching them again in May 2012. Details should be up on the blog very soon.

The next set of courses I am teaching is coming up in October 2011.

Hope to see you at the course.

Take care, and have a great day!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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