The Fitness Industry and Injuries

The Fitness Industry and Injuries

When I was down at the NFBA conference in Seattle, Washington.  I swung by Kirkland, Washington to visit my friend Belton Lubas and Rommel Acada.  They both attended a fitness education course that I had hosted a few years back in New Westminster, BC, Canada.

Since then I have ran into Belton in Orlando, Florida.  We did an interview there as well, you can check it out here: exercise rehabilitation interview .

I have know Belton for two years.  It seems like every time I see him, he interviews me.  While visiting his facility, we did another video interview.

In the Interview this is what Belton and I chat About:
– Which fitness trends have increased my post injury personal training business
– The percentage of people that are not ready for a fitness program
– A new trend in the fitness industry to help your clients prevent injuries
– Importance of adding an apple a day exercise to keep injuries away
– Learning never ends when you want to be the best fitness professional you can

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If you are looking for Kirkland personal trainers, make sure to check out Belton and Rommel at Element 5 Fitness.

Rick Kaselj, MS