More of Rick’s Rambles

Here is another edition of Rick’s Rambles.

This has been fun to do.

You can see one of my past ones, here.

Have a look at this one, it is my 3rd ramble but 151st blog post.

Fun on Facebook

I am big into Facbook.

A lot of times when I am bored, I will go on Facbook to see what others are doing.

I am also adding a lot more stuff on injuries and exercises over there.

I try to put up a quote of the day and an article that I have read that day.  A lot of people are getting a lot of benefit from all the stuff I am putting up.

If you are looking for some more stuff on exercises and injuries, make sure to visit my Facebook page –

More Guest Blog Posts

As I write on my blog more and more, other bloggers notice me like, Ben Greenfield.

Ben asked me to do a guest blog post on Muscle Imbalances.

Ben has a great blog with great info on training and endurance performance.  Plus he has a great podcast.  They are all long but full of great information.

If you want to check out my guest blog post called You Probably Have Muscle Imbalances – Even If You Don’t Know it, CLICK HERE.

Approved for 7 ACE CECs


More great news about Muscle Imbalances Revealed.

I just got the email saying it has been approved for 7 ACE CECs.

This is so exciting!

Here is a little clip from the email I got:

The following course has been approved by The American Council on Exercise:
Course Name: Muscle Imbalance Revealed – Lower Body System
Course Number: CEP33170
CECs: 0.7

It is quite the process to get a course ACE approved.  It is great to have 3 of them now.
You can see the course on ACE Fitness website by CLICKING HERE.
I could ramble a little more but I should get back to work.

That is it, have a great weekend!

Rick Kaselj, MS