More of Rick’s Rambles

More of Rick’s Rambles

Here is another edition of Rick’s Rambles.

This has been fun to do.

You can see one of my past ones, here.

Have a look at this one, it is my 3rd ramble but 151st blog post.

Fun on Facebook


I am big into Facbook.

A lot of times when I am bored, I will go on Facbook to see what others are doing.

I am also adding a lot more stuff on injuries and exercises over there.

I try to put up a quote of the day and an article that I have read that day.  A lot of people are getting a lot of benefit from all the stuff I am putting up.

If you are looking for some more stuff on exercises and injuries, make sure to visit my Facebook page –

More Guest Blog Posts

As I write on my blog more and more, other bloggers notice me like, Ben Greenfield.

Ben asked me to do a guest blog post on Muscle Imbalances.


Ben has a great blog with great info on training and endurance performance.  Plus he has a great podcast.  They are all long but full of great information.

If you want to check out my guest blog post called You Probably Have Muscle Imbalances – Even If You Don’t Know it, CLICK HERE.

Approved for 7 ACE CECs

More great news about Muscle Imbalances Revealed.

I just got the email saying it has been approved for 7 ACE CECs.

This is so exciting!


Here is a little clip from the email I got:

The following course has been approved by The American Council on Exercise:
Course Name: Muscle Imbalance Revealed – Lower Body System
Course Number: CEP33170
CECs: 0.7

It is quite the process to get a course ACE approved.  It is great to have 3 of them now.
You can see the course on ACE Fitness website by CLICKING HERE.
I could ramble a little more but I should get back to work.

That is it, have a great weekend!

Rick Kaselj, MS