Friday the 13th from Las Vegas

Getting ready for another presentation in Las Vegas.  I was here in October and I am back again.

Today’s presentation should be fun. It is a little more of a business talk on what were the things that I did with my blog and social media that have helped my fitness business over the last few months.

Now usually, I put a nice photo of something here, but to be honest, I have been in the hotel room working.  Working on my presentation, writing, planning for 2012 and this month’s Injury of the Month (IOTM) which is tennis elbow.

2012 – They Year of the Injured Dragon

The year has started off hot in 2012.

Training has picked up with fitness professionals and the questions on injuries is through the roof.

This great to see because it is important for fitness professionals to know how to assess an injury, know what to do if your client has an injury and what exercises to do or not to do.

Let me give you an example.

A lady contacted me that wants to do some online training with me.  She has seen 3 personal trainers but fired all of them because they did not know what to do for patellofemoral pain syndrome.

She contacted me and asked if I could help and I said, “yes.”

The second question she asked was, “Do I have any experience with injuries?”  I sent her a link to EFI and that answered her question quickly (Your blog/website is the best business card you can have so spend some time on it.)

Lets get on with the mash-up.

Online Magazine’s Question on Neck Pain and Posture

I got emailed a few questions on neck pain and posture from an online magazine.  As usual, I can’t say anything until it is in print but I am sure you have used one of their search engines of late.

The online magazine emailed me and asked me about neck pain and posture.  I thought the question was good and my reply may interest you.

What are the consequences if these (or other small, often neglected muscles in the neck) are not considered in training?

If these neck muscles are not addressed, this puts great stress on the neck and the shoulder. When these two areas are stressed, it has an effect on the rest of the body. If these small muscles lack the activation, endurance and strength to keep the head in good alignment, this will force upper trapezius and levator scapulae to work harder in order to keep the neck in good alignment. As these muscles contract for a long period of time, tension builds in these muscle which leads to pain. Very much like holding your fist tight for a long period of time.

If you want more info on Exercise Considerations for Neck Pain, you can check out an article I did for Mike Reinold, here.

Here is an intermediate level exercise for a neck injury:


Neck Pain Book

I am a Personal Trainer who has previously ordered your programs which have been very beneficial in dealing with my clients.

Beginning in January, I will be working with a client who is in need of neck rehabilitation. The gentleman has disk herniation and bone spurs have formed causing him a degree of pain with neck/shoulder movement.

Do you have a rehabilitation exercise program designed to deal with such problems. If so what is the cost?

Thanks for your time and any info you have to offer!

Happy Holidays!

I have been very very slow at replying back to this one.

Let me say it right now, I am working on a neck pain book.  I am about half way done.  I just need to work on the exercise side of things.  It will be out in the next few weeks.  I will let you know when the release date is.

KG, check out the article that I mention above, this will give you some ideas.

Plus check out Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body 2.0 Edition (MIRU).  I have a section in there where I go through designing a program for the neck and go through a stack of exercises.  Here is a clip from my presentation:


Getting BCRPA CECs

Hi Rick.

In June of 2011 I downloaded your How Exercise Can Help Beat Cancer. I would like to use this for BCRPA credits for my renewal. Can you tell me how I do this.



It is really simple.

When you ordered you were send download instructions.

In those download instructions were details on how to access the CEC exam.  Download the CEC exam and print it out.

Now watch the video presentation and while you are watching the video presentation, fill in the CEC exam.

When you are done the video presentation and exam, send me the filled in exam by mail, fax or email.

I will mark it and send you the results.

UK Magazine on this Injury Stuff

An editor from a UK magazine (Sorry, can’t reveal the name.) said this about the stuff that I have done:

“All of them would be good to investigate / feature in an article as in this day and age alot of the worlds population have / will suffer from one of these conditions.”

Very cool.

I know the world needs more information on exercise and injuries because there is a huge need but I also know, in your area were you train clients, there is an even bigger need.

Kind Words

Muscle Imbalances Revealed is the most comprehensive educational tool a coach could ask for. The amount of information contained in the DVDs and online is enormous. I would highly recommend MIR to any serious coach or trainer.”

Josh Koenig CSCS

I very much appreciate the feedback, Josh.

I got a lot of exciting new stuff coming up with MIR (both upper and lower).

Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Lower Body Edition – CECs

Hello Rick,

As I am listening to the second video of your on line course “muscles imbalance, the one on mobility”, I am wondering if and where I can get access of the cec exam and get started on it as I move along. I find this method easier on me and my memory.

Could you pls guide me on where to find it in your program and download it.



My answer is very similar to above.

With the Muscle Imbalance Revealed Series, things are a lot more comprehensive.

Lot into the membership area of MIR.

In there will be the CEC exam.  Download it and print it out.

As you are going through the presentation and fill in the exam.

After you are done the presentation and exam, send them to me.

I will mark it and then send you your CEC certificate.

Friday the 13th In Vegas

It should be an interesting night.

If not, I will probably be in my hotel room working on my article for Monday which is fun for me.

Thanks for reading and had a great weekend.

Rick Kaselj, MS