Friday with Rick

I am working.

I have my 7 year old laptop with me and my wife’s 3 year old laptop.

I am working on my blog and writing.

The cool thing is I am doing this all in Maui.

More about that another time.

BCRPA Conference is Back!

I am so happy that this conference is back and the feedback for the 2010 edition has been amazing.

It was nice to play a part in helping select and organize the presenter side of things.  Being on the BCRPA Conference Committee was a great way of giving back to the fitness professionals from across BC.

I think the final numbers were about 450 participants for 50 sessions!  WoW!

BCRPA is already planning next years.  It will be September 16 to 18 or September 23 to 25.  When I find out, I will let you know.

As you know, I had done three sessions at the conference.  I have not got the evaluations back yet but I got one great complement from a fitness professional:

“Thanks Rick for the great, detailed handouts. I am sure I will be referring to them often as I implement all the ideas I picked up in your sessions at the BCRPA conference this weekend. I really enjoyed your sessions on” Shoulder Exercises That Help, Not Hurt” and “Core Exercises that Most Fitness Professionals Overlook”. I particularly appreciated the exercise progressions you explained and the mix between theory and practical demonstrations.”

Doreen Blair
BCRPA advanced fitness leader, advanced weight trainer, advanced personal trainer

More Kind Words

As you know, Muscle Imbalance Revealed (MIR), has been one of my major project this year.  It has helped well over 500 fitness professionals from 17 different countries.  It is amazing to help so many fitness professionals who in return help thousands of people.  The feedback from MIR has been great.  Here is another one:

“Hi Rick

I purchased the fantastic MIR and had to drop you a line to say thank you.  I have been training clients since 2004.  I can remember many instances where I could see an issue a client had with with a certain movement or exercise and I couldn’t address it.  I feel that what you have done is bridged the gap between the basics that I learnt to now being able to address issues directly.  MIR gave me the catalyst to question what I’ve been doing for all these years but most importantly challenged me to go further and ask the right questions.

I came across your package through Eric Cressey’s newsletter (i personally completed his Max Strength program and achieved great results) and immediately bought the webinars.  What I didn’t realise at the time was MIR was the tip of the iceberg.  My eyes have been opened to a complete shift in thinking and application when it comes to personal training.  I have been particularly impressed with Kevin Yates simplified approach to what we do.

At the moment I’m trying to get through all this great stuff that you and your alumni seem to churn out at an amazing rate.

I actually now feel that I can make a real difference with this logical approach to training.

I can’t thank you enough for reigniting my passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness.”


Darren Moroney

Well that is it for today.

Have a great day and weekend.

Rick Kaselj, MS