Keeping Kids Cool When Running in a Heat Wave

Keeping Kids Cool When Running in a Heat Wave


Heat waves are hitting metro Vancouver.  Even with the heat on, it is important to get outside and stay active.  This is important to keep the summer barbecue weight gain off, to get your vitamin D and to escape to the great outdoors for a break from reality.  While outside in the sun, you maybe taking the steps to keep yourself safe during a heat wave but what about your children that you are running with.

Children maybe tucked away in their stroller, hanging on for deal life as you run down the street.  You may think they are okay in their shaded stroller or do they feel like a dog in a car park in the summer heat with the window open a crack.  Here are four keys to keep your children safe and happy when running with you in a summer heat wave.

May the force be with you when you run! (Star Wars Stroller)

Remember the Goop

Often times their feet hang out at the bottom of the stroller.  Make sure you lather up their legs and feet with strong suntan lotion in order to prevent a bad sun burn and a night without any sleep.

Keep them Shaded

Just like parents, kids like the top down.  When the sun it out blazing, keep the top up.  This will keep eyes, skin and bodies happy.  Plus it is easier for them to fall asleep while dad is doing all the work.

Load them Up with Drinks

Make sure to bring two kinds of drinks that they can drink and make sure they are cool.  Just watch how much sugar they get or they may get out of the stroller and starting running past you.

Cool Mist

kids_running_strollerLoad up a refreshing squirt bottle that they can spray on themselves and you.  This a nice way to keep refreshed and to keep the run fun.  Just make sure the your kids just spray themselves or you.  If not they may start a water fight with people you pass by.

The heat is on but this is not the time to hide away in the basement.  It is important to still get outside and exercise.  When you do go outside to run with your kids remember to keep them safe and to have fun by slimming them up with sun goop, keeping the top up on the stroller, to bring them a cold one and bring the mist maker.  Now get out there and run!

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– Rick Kaselj