The Best Hiking Stretch to Prevent Ankle & Knee Injuries – Heel Drop

In this post I am going to talk about preventing hiking injuries and the stretch (heel drop exercise) that I do in order to improve dorsiflexion and to stretch the achilles tendon.

I love to be out hiking.

I think I am out hiking right now!

It is my favorite thing to do in the summer.  Nothing beats being outside in the mountains, looking at amazing mountain peaks and walking in a sea of wild flowers.

I love it so much that I spent 5 months hiking from the Mexico/USA border to Canada (Manning Park).  The trail we hiked was the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail and was an amazing 4300 Kilometre hike.  We saw it all and climbed it all.  It was EPIC!

Now getting back to how you can help your client get ready for hiking season.

The first video I talk about the importance of dorsiflexion in hiking which is affected by the achilles tendon.  I did the video during one of my training hikes for this years hike which was the Stein Valley Hike.  Enjoy the video from Lincoln Mountain, high above Yale, BC, Canada.

Most Important Movement Hikers Need to Work On:

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In the above video I talk about the importance of dorsiflexion in the ankle of you hiking clients.  In the next video, I talk about how I use the heel drop exercise to improve on my clients dorsiflexion and get them ready for hiking season and keep them injury free.

How to do the Heel Drop Exercise (Achilles Tendon):

==>  CLICK HERE on how to do the Heel Drop Exercise for your Achilles Tendon

If you are a fitness professional and would like more information on how to help your clients recover and prevent ankle, knee, hip and running injuries.  Theses courses will help you out:

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I think that is it.  When I get back from hiking, I am sure I will have more tips and exercises to help your client recover from injury.

See you in the mountains!

Rick Kaselj, MS