Hip Pain and Pinching Experienced by Ice Hockey Goalies

Continuing on with the ice hockey theme.

I know this will help others in addition to ice hockey players.

It is an interview with Maria Mountain on hip pain and pinching in ice hockey goalies, but I feel it applies to all people with hip pain and pinching.

Have a look or listen.

What to Do About Hip Pain and Hip Pinching In Ice Hockey Goalies?


==>  Hip Pain and Pinching in Ice Hockey Goalies

Specifically, here is what Maria covers when it comes to Goalies with Hip Pain and Pinching:

  • A screen to use to see if you need to get your hip(s) looked at
  • Why hip pinching in the hip should not be ignored
  • Two reasons why you may have hip pinching
  • The person you should see if you have hip pinching
  • If you are doing squats, what stance you need to take if you have hip pinching
  • Pinching could be caused by your boney anatomy or tightness in the structures in your hip joint

Before I go – here is another quick interview that I did with Maria on a common hockey goalie training mistake a few months back.

Common Hockey Goalie Training Mistake


==>  Goalie Training Mistake

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