How safe is the Master Cleanse?

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If you are like me, you’ve probably cheated on your diet once in a while. I live in the Okanagan where you can find a wide range of wines, so I sometimes drink wine a little bit more than I should. Now, my good friend Mike Whitfield has a simple 7-step 4-day detox template that is easy to follow and safe.

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~ Rick Kaselj, MS


What is the deal with these “Master Cleanses” and dangerous Detoxes? It’s almost out of control. My longtime client of 9 years was telling me about his friend drinking nothing but chicken broth and water for 3 days.

I can see it now… on day 4, I would binge on a large pizza, some Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and probably Doritos. Because you know… Doritos.

Listen, I’ll admit sticking to ANY diet, no matter how great it is, is much harder than you thought it would be…

… especially if you’re working so hard and making better choices, yet you’re not seeing a difference in your clothes.

Hey, I know the feeling. Check this out. This is me in both pics!

You’re probably flooded with “try this super-secret exercise to lose 5 pounds… like TODAY!” and “lose the pooch in just 5 days with this herbal secret something something cleanse!”.

And of course, it gives us hope, so we try it. Sure, we see some changes. But then just days later, we put the weight back on. Then you claim to the world (and rightfully so) that you’ll never do this again because:

  1. It was too difficult
  2. You put the weight back on because it was so extreme

Why does this happen?

It’s not doable. <== What? You were expecting some “you’re missing the #1 secret spice in your diet that boosts your metabolism by 900%” claim?  🙂

We’re constantly told to cut out sugar or eliminate bread or anything else that is not just doable.

Then when we can’t stick with it, we feel defeated, so we go back to our old ways. That’s why we’re seeing a rise in obesity.

Well, I have good news.

I’m living proof that it doesn’t take extreme measures and that you CAN enjoy your sweets and bread and more while losing weight consistently (NOTE – I said consistently and not EXTREMELY – there is a difference).

It comes down to this…

A fast start that leads into an achievable long-term plan.

Today, I’ll share my “fast start” that I would use with my clients whenever they wanted a motivation boost while actually feeling and seeing a difference.  This kept them focused.

Most “detoxes” are very dangerous and not doable.  The one I’ll share with you today is actually doable and you can use it once every 8 weeks because it’s not dangerous. You won’t go hungry or crave a binge.

You won’t lose 10 pounds in 4 days, but you will eliminate bloatness, “puffiness” and don’t be surprised if you do lose a few pounds. This will be the motivation boost to keep you going, too. (Not to mention, you’ll LOOK leaner).

This is my 4-Day Detox Template:

1) Drink 80 – 100 ounces of water every day

2) Move your body (preferably in the morning) for 5-10 minutes using low to non-impact movements and be sure to hit all major muscle groups. Do this every day.

If you want to keep it super simple, just do this:

Total Body Extensions (30 seconds), rest 30 seconds

Do this up to 10 times.

Here’s how to do it:

Moving your body (without destroying it) encourages blood flow to flush out toxins from your system. You don’t have to do any jumping or any other joint-pounding movements.

3) Keep dairy and grains to an absolute minimum (milk, cheese, bread, pasta, etc., etc.)

4) Eat only until you are 80% full, using fruits and veggies as your main source of food.

5) Keep caffeine to just one serving or less per day (for example, 1 cup of coffee).

6) Eliminate red meat and processed sugars (sweets like cookies, etc. , etc. – it’s just 4 days!)

7) My favorite – after the detox, enjoy a reward meal of your choice. This sounds like it could crush your progress, but it doesn’t. Your body will enjoy the influx of calories and it helps you mentally.

This 4-day detox propels you into a longer, more achievable long-term plan like my Achievable Body.

I named it “The Achievable Body” because it’s… well, achievable.

You don’t have to eat only organic foods…

You don’t have to eat all your cheat foods in one day (you actually get 4-6 cheat meals over the weekend (or whatever 3 days work for you)…

You don’t have to give up sugar or bread…

If this sounds good to you, I explain how it works leveraging a Cornell University study.

In fact, my own mom lost 66 pounds leveraging this study (no, not in just a few weeks. It did take her a few months). But it’s VERY doable…

See how the Achievable Body works here

Have a great week,
Mike Whitfield, Master CTT Creator,
The Achievable Body