How To END Knee Pain From Running

How To END Knee Pain From Running

Hey, I hope you had a great weekend. Up here in Canada, we finally had a break in Winter and got some beautiful sun. The family was able to head out and enjoy a day out hiking.


Today, I am talking about running, even though it is definitely not running weather where I am. But I received a question from a reader who asked me about knee pain and running. I gave some great exercise that you can use if you are suffering from knee pain while running below.

Enjoy and take care!

~ Rick

In this video, I wanted to show you how to end knee pain from running.

I’ll get Alix to demonstrate.

How To END Knee Pain From Running

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Many people who run and have knee pain think that they need to work on their knees in order to relieve the knee pain. This isn’t true. The truth is you need to focus on strengthening your hip. If you have better strength and stability in your hip, it will take more of a load compared to your knee, and will decrease knee pain from running.

Knee Pain Exercise

Regress the exercise by just doing single leg standing. Stand on one leg with your knee bent. We are working on the hip, knee and the ankle, so we are focusing on ankle stability, knees stability and on hip stability. Do five repetitions on each side, holding for about 15 seconds. Progress up to a minute.

Folding Helicopter

Folding Helicopter

If you feel that you are not getting enough of a challenge, you can progress to the folding helicopter. Stand with good balance across your foot, bend your knee and square yours hips. Drop your hip and then raise back up. You can use the wall for balance. Progress by moving away from support, so not using the wall or the stick.

So if you have knee pain from running, give that exercise a go. Remember to focus on hip strengthening as opposed to working on your knee.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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