How to Use Crossfit to Overcome a Brain Injury

Today, I want to chat about brain injuries and Crossfit.

Mike has been on the blog before where he shared his traumatic brain injury story.  After he shared his story, I wanted to get him on the phone and interview him.

I have had this interview for a while but have not put it up.

The reason why is – Crossfit.

If there is anything that gets health & fitness professionals’ emotions going it is Crossfit.

Those that have done and do it, love it.

Those that have not, have a negative opinion to share.

I think Mike’s story really shows the good that can come out of it.



Click Here to Listen to the Interview ==> Mike Shilton Story

In the Interview Mike Shilton shares with you:

  • The accident that he and his wife suffered
  • How painful exercise was at the start of his rehabilitation process
  • The basic movements at the start of rehabilitation were the foundation for future movements
  • Firing personal trainers
  • Resistance he had at the start of the rehabilitation process
  • Mike’s mantra that got him through the process
  • The team involved in the rehabilitation process
  • Exercises break down into movements that must be mastered first
  • Exercise is a progression and you do baby steps along the way
  • How injury rehabilitation is a process
  • Intensity and recovery
  • The effect that exercise can have on medication
  • How Exercises for Injuries has helped him

Mike is also my neighbor.  He has progressed from being a participant of Crossfit to starting his own Crossfit based gym a few doors down.

If you want to learn more about Mike, visit Therachair.

It is very cool to see him taking clients through their exercises and see how far he has progressed.

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – If you like this interview, you can check out another on that I did on brain injuries with Jenna Phillips.