I Am About to Cancel this Course

I Am About to Cancel this Course

It was a pleasure to teach the Postural Assessment & Exercise Prescription course and the Injury-free Running course this past weekend. Please keep an eye out for the recordings, which should be available soon. I look forward to sharing information with you all again.

Next up, I’ll be teaching a course with Justin Price called  Structural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Program Design.

Unfortunately, the course registration is relatively low, and I’m considering whether or not to cancel it.

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

Justin Price’s course excites me for several reasons:

1. A distinctive perspective.

Justin’s articles and presentations have intrigued me for years. He focuses on corrective exercise and provides unconventional information in his lectures. This is a subject I have not heard anyone else speak about. 

2. Concentrating on the ankle, foot, and lower body.

Justin gives a lot of attention to the leg, foot, and ankle. This is a topic I would like to learn more about that I frequently get questioned about in my fitness education courses. 

3. Convenience and Cost.

It is much more convenient to have an international presenter fly to Vancouver than for me to take one of their courses. It is much less expensive and doesn’t require me to take time off from my family.

Highlights in Structural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Program with Justine Price:


Understanding where your client’s chronic pains may originate is crucial. We will learn how to assess the foot, ankle, knees, lumbar, pelvic hip girdle, thoracic spine, shoulder girdle, head and neck, and thoracic spine. 

Exercises to address imbalances.

When I give presentations on structural alignment, one of the most common questions is ‘what causes overpronation.’ ‘Overpronation’ refers to when the foot rolls inward towards the body’s midline, with many contributing factors. In this course, we will learn exercises to correct the imbalances to help our clients recover from chronic pain and return to normal functioning.


There are environmental factors, for example. Even trainers can wear running shoes when helping clients, just like shoe wear. Running shoes come with a heel. They tip the foot forward. Overpronation can be described as a foot collapsing inwards and forward weight distribution.

Wearing a running shoe when standing will cause you to tip forward. The foot will then bear the weight. The arch, also known as the media long Toal arch or the arch inside the foot, will collapse as it is designed to bear the body’s weight and shift it forward.

The medial arch will collapse and overpronate when wearing a running shoe with a high heel and tipping forward. This is one reason or one of the environmental factors that can affect overpronation.

I’d like to know if you plan on participating in the course because I will decide on Friday whether or not the program will be offered. Please feel free to pass this message on to co-workers or colleagues who might be interested. 

I do my best to bring excellent international presenters to Taiwan at an affordable price. Thank you. 

Rick Kaselj, MS

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