3 Ways to Get More Injury Rehabilitation Referrals

With this blog thing, I get a lot of email.

It is great.

I hear from fitness professionals from around the world.

I just got this one on referral sources for post injury personal training clients.

Thought I would pop you a message.

I would love to pick your brain on the topic of referrals from chiropractors and physical therapists to myself and my employees.

We are working together to put together a more clearly defined avenue for clients to transition from acute care at the chiropractor or physical therapist to a more aggressive strength and conditioning program.

Right now the medical network I am with is looking to have the hand-off be a little smoother.

Right now they are just handing cards/pamphlets out and are finding it frustrating that they end up seeing the client again because they didn’t do anything to correct the initial reason for the visit.

Do you have anything standardized in place, or is it just a time thing and people know who you are now and its automatic?

I look forward to chatting with you more on this topic.

Thanks for your time Rick.


This is more of a business kind of question but let me help you out.

Have You Trained the Doctors, Physical Therapists and Chiropractor?

I find with many health care professionals, they do not clearly understand how you can help them and their clients.

You can educate them on how you can help by training them or going in and doing  a presentation explaining on what you do.

This will help them better explain why you are an important step in the injury recovery process.

What is Your Incentive for Prospective Clients to Call You?

You need to give clients a reason why they should call you.

You can offer them a 15 minute phone consultation on how to transition from the doctor office to the gym.

You can offer them an ebook on the keys that they need to remember when starting an exercise program after an injury.

This will give you a chance to connect with them and see if they are an appropriate client for you.

Study Selling to Health Care Professionals

We spend so much time learning all the exercise techniques we can but it is important to put 20% of your time into selling and the sale process.

There are a number of books out there on this.  They are targeted to pharmaceutical representative but many of the ideas you can transfer over to post injury personal training.

I hope this helps.

Take care.

Rick Kaselj, MS