Helping Your Clients Get the Most Out of Their Sessions

Helping Your Clients Get the Most Out of Their Sessions

I was looking through my Exercises for Injuries YouTube acount.

I found a video that I forgot about.

The video is tittled:

Why Rick Can Only Count to Three

The video highlights a key point that we as fitness professionals need to remember when designing exercise program – information saturation.

At what point does your client begin to forget what you have told them?

I know with myself, if I go to the doctor, physical therapist, massage therapist or chiropractor; I bring a pen and paper with me. If they give a few things to remember, I am good to about three.  After that, I need to start writing down notes on what I need to remeber and what I need to do before the next session.

I know there are people that can remember all of the details that are said in a 60 minute session but from experience, they are the minority.  The majority will remember a few things and forget about a number of things.

I know when I go through exercise rehabilitation exercises with my clients, they may remember the general idea of the exercise but have forgot some of the details of the exercises.  Often times, it is the details of the exercise that makes the exericse most effective.

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I hope you enjoyed the video and please do leave a comment on how you help you clients get the most out of their training session.

Rick Kaselj of Exercises for Injuries