Lunging to Improved Performance DVD Review

Lunging to Improved Performance DVD Review

I was contacted by a fellow fitness professional, John Izzo.

He asked me to review his new DVD on lunging.

Giving a fellow fitness professional feedback on one of their products is always great.

I know how much time goes into researching and developing them.

Since he sent me one of his DVDs, I sent him my Core Stability for the Rehab Client DVD set.

Now to a review of John’s lunge DVD. John was friendly enough to review it and had some nice words to say about it:

“Rick Kaselj is a great exercise physiologist from Canada and a great presenter. His 3-disc DVD set Core Stability for the Rehab Client is a fantastic resource for trainers that work with anyone demonstrating postural deficiencies and post rehabilitative status.”

– John Izzo

You can check out what else he had to say.

Initial Thoughts on Lunging to Improved Performance

I didn’t know what to expect from this DVD.

Honestly, I was not too excited about watching a video on lunging. I wondered how much more I could learn about the lunge and will this DVD give me any more information to help my clients.

To my surprise, I learned a lot!

John did not just go into details about the muscles working during the lunge. He broke the lunge fully down. He provided you with the history of the lunge, pros and cons of the lunge, keys to body readiness for a lunge, common body dysfunctions that should not perform lunges, best footwear for lunges, and much more.


Who the Lunging to Improved Performance DVD is for:

Personal trainers that work with the general population.

This is great to see. Frequently fitness education DVDs, seminars, and conferences focus on the fit or athletes. Most personal trainers work with the general population, and it was great to get information targeted to this group.

What I Like About the Improved Performance DVD:

  • It gave a great background on the lunge—much more than just what muscles work.
  • Your client’s preparation for lunging activities consists of these exercises.
  • I like the variety of mobility and self-massage exercises.
  • I found the pros and cons of lunging to be very helpful.


What I Didn’t Like about Lunging to Improved Performance DVD:

– The sound was okay to good. At times it wasn’t easy to hear what John had to say.
– The video quality was okay to good. At times the video was dark.

Details about the Lunging to Improved Performance DVD:

– The DVD has 66 minutes lecture about lunging.
– There are about 40 minutes of practical exercises for the lunge.
– Number of exercises. A lot more than just the three main lunging exercises.

Last Word from Rick

If you want to expand your understanding of the lunge and need a stack of exercises for all aspects of the lunge, I would recommend getting John Izzo’s Lunging to Improved Performance DVD. I know you will learn new information and activities from it as I have.

Here is a little video from the DVD:

If you read this before August 31, you can get a great deal on all John’s DVDs.

Click here to watch What to do About Knee Pain During Lunge Lunging Exercise.

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