Mike Robertson’s – The Single Leg Solution Review

What is a Single Leg Solution?

A single-leg solution is a type of exercise Using one leg to support and balance your body while the other leg performs the exercise. The most common forms of single-leg exercises are lunges and split squats. Although these exercises are similar, they differ in a few ways. The single leg solution is a single leg exercise that requires you to balance one leg while performing various strength training exercises. This is to be done with the opposite leg raised in the air as if you were performing a one-legged squat. Generally, single-leg exercises are more challenging than traditional ones because doing them requires you to engage your core muscles more than when using two legs. This is because two legs can provide more stability than one and allow you to lift more weight without needing to engage your core as much.

Benefits of doing the Single Leg Solution

The single leg solution is an excellent exercise for improving strength and stability in your knees. Because single leg exercises such as the single leg squat and split squat activate most of your muscle groups, you will need to work harder than you would during a regular squat. Using more muscle groups can lift heavier weights, improve your knee stability, and build more strength. If you squat with both legs again, your knees will be stronger and less inclined to buckle in response to the pressure. These exercises will also help improve your balance, particularly if you suffer from knee pain. This is because you’re performing exercises such as the single leg squat and single leg split squat. You’ll need to focus intensely on your center of gravity, which will help to improve your balance.

I am so excited. I just got a new DVD set from my friend, Mike Robertson.

The Single-Leg Solution is the program.

I am reviewing it right now. I will let you know what I think of the product.

Since it is Mike Robertson, I know it will be amazing. H  Assess and Correct DVD and Manual Program was terrific and are one of the best resources in my library.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

Wondering who this Mike Robertson guy is? I  d an interview with him. CLICK HERE to listen to it.