Nature’s Best Testosterone Booster

Nature’s Best Testosterone Booster

The idea of boosting testosterone has received a lot of attention and mainly because there are different important reasons why low testosterone should not be ignored.  Low testosterone may affect both genders and could result in loss of bone density or bone mass, weight gain, low energy levels, high blood sugar and low blood sugar levels, low sex drive and possibly an increased risk of getting certain diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

These are certainly conditions you would want to stay away from!  Hence, how do you ensure that you maintain adequate testosterone levels? 

Also, it is equally important to note that there are different things that could contribute to low testosterone levels including physical or mental stress.  As people get older, they may also begin to experience lower testosterone levels and sometimes, nutritional deficiencies could also begin to affect these levels of testosterone as well.

To increase or build back testosterone levels, various techniques may be used including the use of pine pollen.  Hence, we arrive at another important question:  What is pine pollen and how does it help fight low testosterone levels?  Pine pollen is an incredibly potent plant or herb and is also usually described as the pine tree’s male spore.

Pine Pollen

There are also many different species of pine.  However, very specific species of this plant are able to provide the essential properties that are desired from their pine pollen.  The pinus genera species of pine trees can be used as dietary supplements and the particular specie of pine that contains safe levels of testosterone is known as the scots pine or pinus sylvestris [1].

Pine pollen may be purchased in a variety of sizes or quantities, as desired. Pharmaceutical companies have also been known to use pine pollen to address lower testosterone levels in men and women.  One core attractive element of pine pollen is that it is completely natural and typically required no processing.  Essentially, the connection between pine pollen and testosterone is simply that testosterone can be derived from plants and the richest seedbed of testosterone can be found in raw pine pollen [2].

Apart from its natural androgens that are able to mimic testosterone [3], there are other benefits of pine pollen as well.  Anti-aging properties in the pine pollen could make people begin to look younger.  Also, people may begin to experience an increased surge of energy.  This makes you feel energetic and young on the inside and it could reflect on the outside as well.  You may feel rejuvenated, get firmer skin and experience fewer toxins in the body.

Hence, if you were initially interested in pine pollen mainly as a result of its testosterone building properties, you would be glad to also learn that benefits of pine pollen could include relief from arthritis [4], increased stamina and endurance, improved breast health, aphrodisiac properties, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, relief from general pain, weight regulation, balanced hormones, a healthy immune system, detoxification properties, reduced cholesterol, great skin and healthy hair.

Still, a very popular use of pine pollen is to fight low testosterone levels.  Some of the benefits of pine pollen, especially as it relates to being nature’s best testosterone booster, are highlighted below.

  1.  Reducing the effects of stress and inflammation.  Cortisol levels in the body could rise as a result of stressful conditions that may be experienced.  When this occurs, a person could also begin to experience low testosterone levels.  Pine pollen is able to balance hormones and other triggers in the body that adversely affects the body’s testosterone levels.  In addition, pine pollen has potential anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and this has been confirmed in research studies that reveal that pine pollen or more specifically the pine pollen extract displays strong radical scavenger activities [5].
  2. Tackling nutritional deficiencies.  Sometimes, a person may be unable to eat properly or have nutritional deficiencies.  This also affects testosterone.  Where pine pollen can come in and practically save the day regarding nutrition is in terms of the powerful protein composition that it has.  The protein constituent of pine pollen is about 30%.  Thus, pine pollen is rich in at least amino acids including 7 essential amino acids [6] such as threonine, lysine, leucine, valine, tryptophan, isoleucine and phenylalanie.  In addition, pine pollen is also rich in vitamins and minerals.
  3. Natural supplement.   There are so many processed items available on the market today and the ability to find an item that is good for you and also natural is quite beneficial.  Hence, if you are seeking a natural way to boost your testosterone levels, using pine pollen could be a great idea.  When using natural products, there could also be less likelihood for adverse effects.  There are also claims that relate to no or minimal side effects.  Another benefit of pine pollen that could be tied to its natural state is the use of this plant to counter the adverse side effects that may occur when treating diseases like cancer.  There are numerous online websites that provide reviews for products and typically, pine pollen products get many claims of pine pollen being able to naturally fight anxiety and deal with stress.  Thus, the use of pine pollen to boost testosterone levels presents a natural way to achieve your testosterone goals.  Better testosterone levels have also been known to increase performance during workouts especially during stamina-related exercises and weight-lifting.  Hence, increasing your testosterone levels naturally through the use of nature’s best testosterone booster – pine pollen – could enable you achieve many goals and milestones in your everyday life.
  4. Anti-aging properties.  When a person has low testosterone levels, they can begin to age much quicker than normal.  Adequate testosterone levels enable you age appropriately.  However, as these levels begin to diminish, age lines and wrinkles are more prone to appear.  Typically, younger men have higher levels of testosterone and as age occur, these levels wane.  Thus, this is why the ability to raise testosterone levels naturally can be so appealing.  Nobody wants to age quickly.  Pine pollen naturally contains the hormone known as didehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and this component is directly associated with anti-aging properties.  Hence, boosting levels of testosterone can be a good idea.  Also, there have been studies that show that pine pollen can be used to potentially retard aging and also serve as a way to attenuate diseases related to age in humans [7].  Along with looking younger, other things that may be associated with youth such as increased energy levels and increased libido are likely to occur.  Sometimes, people have problems with glucose intolerance.  However, an added bonus to using pine pollen is that DHEA may be able to regulate or improve a person’s tolerance to glucose.
  5. Affordability and effectiveness.  While there may be other ways to boost testosterone levels, pine pollen offers an affordable and effective way to achieve increased testosterone in the body.  As previously stated, it can be advisable to talk with your doctor before using new supplements, including new herbal treatments.  Sometimes, the effectiveness of something could be somewhat diluted as result of side effects or negative reactions.  There have also been research studies that investigate pine pollen allergy.  Such allergies to pine pollen are generally rare and clinically insignificant [8].  Still, it is important to be cautious regarding allergies to pollen.  For people who may have allergies to pollen in general, it would be best to determine, with the help of a physician or medical expert, if pine pollen for boosting testosterone would have any detrimental effects.

Pine pollen may seem relatively unimportant because it is simply the yellow dust from the pine tree that fills the air and probably coats everything in its sight [6].  However, if you have low testosterone levels, adding pine pollen to your life can be a good idea.  As always, especially where pre-existing conditions may exist, any introduction of treatment or supplements should be discussed with your doctor before beginning a new regiment, including the use of pine pollen.  Doing research on pine pollen products could also provide some valuable information.

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Healthy lifestyles that also support the use of this natural testosterone booster include exercising and eating right.   There are many benefits that you can expect with the use of pine pollen, as mentioned previously.  For many people, the natural boosting of testosterone remains at the top of the list.  Hence, you could join the multitude of people who have boasted of the natural effects of the pine tree and its pine pollen element.  You too can start discovering nature’s best testosterone booster.

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Rick Kaselj, MS


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