Nothing Says Fitness Experience Like a Ball to The Face

Nothing Says Fitness Experience Like a Ball to The Face

Hey, Brian “high energy” Kalakay here with a cool concept you can implement into your boot camp right now to start generating a social buzz around town.

When most people think about boot camps or group training sessions what do you think comes to mind?

Burpees, Pushups, and Squats, oh my!

That sure does sound like fun doesn’t it? Well, maybe to us fitness professionals that sounds like a good time, but unfortunately our clients may have a different opinion.

The truth is that people can get a “tuff workout” anywhere. They can get on the internet and watch a YouTube video and get just as much sweat going on as they could from your sessions.

So what is going to make people come to your sessions over just saving money and doing it on their own? The answer is EXPERIENCE. Not your training experience…THEIR training experience.

People aren’t going to remember how tuff your workouts are, how knowledgeable you were about fitness, or how cool your boot camp is.

They are going to remember how they felt after your training session.

Bootcamp 1

Now the question becomes, “how do you make them feel like they had an amazing experience at your boot camp session?”

One made-up word… Entertainment.

You need to train them, but provide quality entertainment in the process. If your clients are entertained they are going to tell their friends about how amazing your sessions are and how much fun they had working with you, NOT how sore they were the next day.

People will go and train where everyone is having fun, no one wants to hear about how their friend couldn’t move the next day.

One of the methods that I use to make this training experience memorable is, I play boot camp games at the end of my sessions. You probably already know this because you probably have heard of my first program called TT Boot Camp Games.

You probably already know that my games will:

  • spice up your sessions
  • increase loyalty
  • increase class variety
  • differentiate you from your competitors

But you know what that last program didn’t have?

BALLS TO THE FACE…get your mind out of the gutter.

I am referring to dodge balls, DUH!

But how do you play dodge ball in a boot camp setting without reenacting someone’s high school gym class nightmare? You switch up the ball medium.

Here is a boot camp game video that utilizes “newspaper dodge balls” instead of the rubber ones that leave marks on your face. It’s the same concept but a new format that will keep everyone on their toes.

Check it out below:

As you can see, this game gets crazy with bigger groups of people and the more dodge balls you make up.

Nothing says a good ole fitness experience like dodging newspaper balls at the end of an intense workout. This game only takes a few minutes at the end of ANY boot camp session.

This is just one of the new boot camp game concepts that can be found in my NEWEST boot camp games program:

TT Boot Camp Games 2.0 <= Never Seen Before

This is the official sequel to my first version of this program which has sold over 3000 copies worldwide. There are more intense fitness twists in this one and a whole new bag of game concepts that you have NEVER seen before.

As always these games are all “boot camper approved”

I hope you take the first step in creating a truly unique training experience by incorporating this game at the end of your next session. I GUARANTEE that every camper will leave talking about what an amazing time they had at your training session that night.

People don’t remember what you know or what you said, but they remember how you make them feel. Use these games to make everyone feel like little kids again and put smiles on their faces before they leave your boot camp.

Game On

Brian Kalakay, CTT
Creator TT Boot Camp Games

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