Quick Technique Tweak to Save Your Back and Knees

Quick Technique Tweak to Save Your Back and Knees

I wanted to give you a quick little tip on what you can do in the gym to save your back and knees when you head to the gym today.

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I see this mistake when I go to the gym.

There is a really easy technique tweak that you can do to end up protecting your back and knees.

It really is just bending through the knees and bending through the hips.

Doing exercises completely upright, what happens is you are a lot less balanced, you are not as stable, your core muscles are not activated, and a lot of times you have to use momentum to do the exercise.

Bending the KneesBending the Knees

If all I do is bend and unlock the knees, that ends up putting the knees in a more stable position. It ends up activating the quads and activating my feet which helps protect the knees.

Bending the Hips

Bending the Hips

And then if I just unlock the hips, that brings in more of the core and more of the gluteus maximus and then it’s easier for me to go into my exercise whatever it might be; a curl, a push, a press, and row as opposed to being completely straight and the knee is straight and the hip is straight and going through that movement.

Just bending in the knee and bending in the hip in order to put the joints in a good position, to activate the muscles around the knees, around the hips, and around the back in order to protect the back and the knees.

Give that tip or trick a go next time that you go to the gym and see how it ends up feeling and how it makes your back and your knees feel.

This is Rick Kaselj of ExercisesForInjuries.com and Fix My Knee Pain, take care and bye .

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