Rick and The Big Birthday Sale

Rick and the Big Birthday Sale copy

If you love to shop and can’t get enough of online shopping, this amazing big birthday sale is here to help you with that.

Today, I am off work to celebrate.

I will spend time with my family, eat delicious food, and reflect on the past year. I will also look toward the year ahead and set new goals. Hopefully, these goals will lead to another amazing year.

I’ve been celebrating this special day ever since I can remember. I recall asking for a day off of work for it. I told my boss that I needed the day off. She made an effort to juggle multiple tasks and cover my work. It was incredibly crucial.

She finally inquired the previous day, “Why do you need tomorrow off?”

“To celebrate my birthday!” I declared.

“What?” she retorted.

Since she didn’t understand it, it became far more difficult to obtain days off.

I usually take a few days off to reflect on the past year and years prior. This weekend is my birthday, so I plan to celebrate.

Another way I am going to celebrate is with:

Rick And The Big Birthday Sale(I know the picture is so cheesy.)

If you’re reading this blog post, you probably practice some sport or activity that leaves you prone to getting injured. I mean, who doesn’t? We all get injured at one point, whether it’s a sprained ankle from playing basketball, a strained muscle from lifting weights, or something else. These injuries can be extremely frustrating and leave us feeling like we have no idea what to do next.

It’s easy to get caught up in fear of re-injuring yourself again, which is why adding an injury warm-up to your home gym routine is so important! An injury warm-up is exactly what it sounds like: an exercise routine to decrease the likelihood of getting injured again by increasing blood circulation and range of motion in your muscles. This can reduce the chance of re-injuring yourself when returning to training or performing activities.

I’ve been working on Rick’s Big Birthday Sale for weeks and am looking forward to it.

I haven’t simply put a few of my old products on sale; I’ve created ten new products that I have never released before, and I’ve bundled them into an exciting package.

Yes, a birthday deal!

These ten new products are focused on something I am frequently asked about. I have always had responses available, but I now have programs to which I can direct more people.

You can check it out here. This bundle gives huge savings. You might be thinking that you can go out and find these courses for yourself. Well, you’re right. However, these courses are curated by an expert. They have been tested, tried, and proven to work and help you reach your workout goals.

I’m not sure when the price increase will happen, but you can try this service out now while it’s still super sale!

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – Remember to take days and moments every day to celebrate.

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