Rick and The Big Birthday Sale

I am on the road again but this time it is not for work but it is for a celebration.

Ever since I remember, I have been celebrating this special day.

I remember when I requested a day off of work for it.

I expressed to my boss that I need this day off. It was very important. She worked on juggling things and having my work covered.

The day before the day, she finally asked me,  “Why do you need tomorrow off?”

I said,  “To celebrate my birthday!”

She replied, “WhAt?”

She didn’t get it and from that point on it was a lot harder to get days off.

So this weekend, I am celebrating my birthday.

I try to take a few days to reflect on the past year and the years past.

Another way I am going to celebrate is with:

Rick And The Big Birthday Sale

(I know the picture is so cheesy.)

I am really excited about Rick’s Big Birthday Sale as it is something that I have been working on for weeks.

I have not taking a few of my old products and put them on sale. I have worked on created 10 brand new product that I have never released before and bundled them up into an amazing deal.

Yes, a birthday deal.

All 10 of the brand new products focus in on something that I am asked about all of the time. I have always had a good answer but now I have programs that I can direct people to.

==> Check Out Rick’s Big Birthday Sale

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – Remember to take days to celebrate and moments every day to celebrate.