Supplements for Knee Pain and Inflammation (Part 1)

I got  a guest post for you.

It is from Ben Greenfield.  I have been reading his stuff for some time and I asked him to send me a blog post.

I liked it and I know you will as well.  It talks about inflammation which is a huge issue in recovery from injuries, enjoy.

How To Recover Like Wolverine From X-Men

By Ben Greenfield, MS – Author of The Bulletproof KneeRun With No Pain

Let’s make just one giant assumption and assume that you know all about Wolverine from X-Men.


You know he possesses animal-keen senses.

You know he competes like a super-human weapon.

You know he has retracting bone claws made from space-age metal.

And, perhaps, most importantly, you know he possesses a special healing factor that allows him to quickly recover from virtually any wound, disease or toxin.

Now, let’s make another huge assumption.

Assume that Olympic swimming phenom Michael Phelps was built just like Wolverine, and was able to instantly fix any shoulder injuries. Assume that uber-cyclist Lance Armstrong could immediately bounce back from any knee injury or hip injury, stronger than ever. Assume that every Kenyan marathoner that ever stepped foot onto the hallowed ground of the Boston Marathon could rapidly eliminate stress fractures, inflammation and joint degradation. What would professional sports look like? Pretty powerful, huh?

Now assume that you have that same power. Any time your shoulder starts to ache, your hip sockets begin to burn, or that creeping sensation of discomfort begins to spread throughout your knees, you can force a rapid reversal of the injury and heal your body…
…just like Wolverine from X-Men.

If you think that would be a pretty special power to possess, then keep reading, because I’m going to give you some of the most advanced healing methods that are secrets of professional athletes worldwide. These are the same methods I use in my programs such as The Bulletproof Knee and Run With No Pain.

If you find yourself injured or laid up with inflammation, follow this protocol for enhanced connective tissue healing, fast recovery from injury-produced inflammation, and a quick return to your training and competition after a strain, sprain or crash.

I am not a doctor, and this is information not to be taken as medical prescription or advice. Please check with your physician before trying any of the following supplements, especially if you are currently taking medication or have allergies to any compounds.

1. Glucosamine, ~500mg. Best when combined with Chondroitin, ~400mg. Spread it through the day in three separate doses. I recommend a glucosamine / chondroitin product called CapraFlex, by Mt. Capra, which adds in a few other herbal anti-inflammatories.

2. Chondroitin (see above). It is also in the CapraFlex.

3. Vitamin C, ~1000+mg per day. You could take this in an “immune system booster” like Airborne, from high fruit and vegetable intake (*ahem*, one apple only contains 8mg, however), or from a multi-vitamin that includes Vitamin C (AKA ascorbic acid).

4. Zinc, ~50mg. I get mine from a product called Prostelan an anti-inflammatory that also includes Rye Pollen Extract. Often, zinc can also be found in an “immune system booster” type of effervescent powder, like Airborne.

5. Vitamin B3, ~250mg. Also know as Niacinamide. Tuna is one of nature’s richest sources, but you’ll only get about 15mg from one fillet. You’re getting the idea – use a supplement form for convenience, rather than mowing down 17 tuna fillets.


This is part 1 of Ben’s post.  I will put up post 2 very soon.  In post 2 he has more recommendations and resources on where to the things.

Ben Greenfield trains clients for sorts performance and fitness goals in Spokane, Washington.  Ben is an accomplished athlete and triathlon coach.  You can learn more about Ben at Ben Greenfield Fitness.

Rick Kaselj, MS