Sprint Core Workout with Dennis Heenan

Sprint Core Workout with Dennis Heenan

Hey, what’s going on, this is Dennis Heenan from FatBurningNation.com and I am the creator of SuperHeroSprints.com.

Today I’ve got a sprinting workout that we’re going to be doing and it’s going to be all on the floor. This is specifically made for Rick Kaselj and his readers over at ExercisesForInjuries.com.

We got 4 different exercises, going 30 seconds on each.

  1. Mountain Climber
  2. Plank
  3. Sit Through
  4. Plank to Push Up

Those are the four exercises. You’re maybe thinking, okay these are not sprints per se, but these will get your heart rate up and work a ton of different muscles in your body.

The first we’ll be doing is the Mountain Climber. We are going to be in a push-up position bringing one leg up at a time going for 30 seconds. I’ve got a timer here. We’ll start in a 3-2-1 go.

The Mountain Climber

We are going 30 seconds here just bringing one knee up at a time, keeping the back straight and the core tight. We want to make sure we’re tightening that stomach as though we are getting punched by someone that’s how tight we want it to be.

Now we are doing into Planks. You are going to be holding this for 30 seconds.


Keep that back straight and that core tight. This circuit you are going to start to it in your shoulders and the core, as well as your cardio, is going to be starting to get up a little bit. We are going to make this challenging by starting to rock back and forth a little bit.

Switchback into a pushup position and we are going to do a Sit Through.

Sit Through

Sit right there back into a push-up position every time. This is too difficult but what I want you to do is do a Side Plank, hold that for 15 seconds on each side. We are going to start feeling this on the shoulders.

The final one will be a Plank Positioning again as you do the Plank to Push Up. I will do a plank and do a push-up. I’m going to switch hands here with the opposite. I got 10 more seconds. I know you’re feeling it — and done.

Plank To Push Up

That would be one round of the circuit, 2 minutes. I want you to do is take a 1-minute rest and complete that 2 more times.

Once again, this is Dennis Heenan from FatBurningNation.com and the creator of SuperHeroSprints.com. I want to thank you Rick and his readers for watching this.

Enjoy the workout. Leave me some feedback below and let me know how you do. Talk to you guys soon.

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