Rick Kaselj:  Today, I have another interview for you and I’ve got a returning guest. If you haven’t seen the previous interview, I will get John to introduce himself.

John Rowley: Rick I appreciate you having me here. My background is I was a world class runner at one point in my life. I had a near death car accident, real tragic, when I was 19 years old. I had a career as a janitor and I decided to tackle the world of Manhattan real estate.

After 300 rejections, I found somebody that would take a chance on me, and I became the youngest VP in Manhattan real estate. In the midst of doing that, I decided to try my hand in the gym business. I bought a gym where the movie Pumping Iron was filmed then. I had trained there as a younger guy. I have one foot in the business world and one foot in the fitness world for about 30 years.

I then became an author. Again I had to go to 350 agencies and publishers to find somebody reckless enough to give me a shot. The first book went to #1 on numerous best sellers lists. Same thing with my second book, it was on best sellers lists and it did very well.

Then I created a book called Old School New Body that has helped even more people than my other two best selling books

Rick Kaselj: Awesome!

What are some common mistakes that you see people make when it relates to reaching a fat loss goal?

Junk Food

John Rowley: I would say the biggest one is inconsistency.

They try one plan and move to the next and then move to the next, there is no consistency.

I think the biggest key is to find a plan that you are comfortable with. Something that you can live with long term, something that is part of your lifestyle.

People have diet ADD, they are all over the place. I forget how many billions but I think ABC said it’s over $20 billion a year business in the diet industry. It’s a huge industry and it pays to confuse people. That’s why I like you Rick. You use real simple things that are very usable and workable for people. You’re the exception!

Rick Kaselj: Looking at the Old School New Body, I look through it, and you spend a good chunk on setting up your mind correctly for fat loss. Maybe you can explain why you spent so much time on the mind as opposed to all the little details that a lot of other people focus in on?

Low carb diet

John Rowley: It’s really simple. It goes into your head at one point and then it goes to your mouth. Because what goes into your head actually dictates what goes into your mouth. Most people do not want to overeat. Most people overeat because they are stressed out or they worry about something. They use it as a drug. Same with people that won’t ever dream of doing drugs or drinking alcohol, they use food as a drug and food is the most powerful drug because it really affects your body in a subtle way, it calms you down.

When you eat junk food, it calms you down. It is used as a suppressant. Then later they will start feeling stress again so they will eat some more. What goes into your brain is really more important. I think the spiritual and the mental deficiencies these people have is more key to their obesity than the fact that people don’t know how to eat right.

My 7 year old granddaughter knows how to eat right. If you ask her what junk food is, she will say, “Papa that is not good for you.” Kids know how to eat right. I don’t believe that adults don’t know how to eat right. I think they choose not to eat right and that’s a choice. That has nothing to do with the diet. It’s a choice.

That is the end of part 1 with John Rowley.

I will be back with part 2 soon.

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