Tom Plummer (Not For People that Have Sensitive Ears)

Tom Plummer (Not For People that Have Sensitive Ears)

I love going to conferences.

Learning is my drug.

Especially if you get a chance to hear some of the leaders and godfathers in the world.  (Not sure what the female version of godfather is.)

One of those guys is Tom Plummer.

I know a lot of you do not know who Tom is, I will get to that.

I was introduced to him when I was doing my Masters of Science Degree in Exercise Science.

I was taking a fitness business course.  One of the books I had to buy The Business of Fitness.

I was not expecting much from the book.  I was kind of pissed off because I had to buy 5 books for the course and not excited to be reading a book on how to run a fitness business.

As I read it, I was taken back.  I thought a fitness business was simple but it is not.

Tom Plummer at NFBA Conference

The guy waiting at the door was Tom Plummer.

He didn’t look like the guy in the back of his book.

I even asked him who he was.  He confirmed with me it was him.

Tom helps fitness clubs become successful and profitable.

If you plan on teaching fitness education course, take that as a lesson.  Be the person that registrants meet right away.

Rick Kaselj and Tom Plummer

I don’t know how many associations I am a member of.

I just got introduced to NFBA (National Fitness Business Alliance) and the first person I met was Jillian Taylor.  She has been great.  Got things done fast, no hastes, passionate about NFBA and very energetic.  All associations need people like Jillian.

Jillian Taylor of NFBA and Rick

Few things that Tom Said That Rang with Me:

– Have a Facebook page and FB every day
– Have a blog and write every day
– Get on YouTube and do a video every day
– Do something and start kicking ass
– Functional is the future
– You must never stop marketing
– Have a website with a landing page
– 50% of your customers will complain if you make a change even if it is for the good
– Spend 10% of your budget on marketing
– Email your customers every Monday night
– Send good information

This was just a bunch of stuff from the morning.  I can’t wait until the afternoon.

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – If you are sensitive when people drop the f-bomb, s-bomb or no-BS presenting; them Tom is not your guy.