Trick to Get More Out of Your Exercises

I hope you are having a great Saturday morning.

Today is a bit of a crazy day at the Kaselj house, we are getting ready to move. 

It is exciting but stressful.

With the pressure on my time, I have had less time to go to the gym because of that I wanted to share a trick that you can do to your exercises to get more out of your workout.

It isn’t my trick, it is a trick from Dr. Jade Teta .

Enjoy the trick and let me know how it goes.

Okay, back to packing up the house.

Rick Kaselj, MS


Trick to Get More Out of Your Exercises

Hey guys, this is Dr. JT here, today I am going to teach you an exercise technique that will allow you to take any movement and dramatically amplify its fat burning and muscle shaping effects.

The great thing about this technique is you don’t have to be in great shape to do it. You can have a bad back, bad knees and be out of shape.You don’t even need a gym to do this technique. It’s super easy and is going to dramatically increase the amount of fat burning and muscle shaping you get from your work outs.

1# – Squat Pulse

Start out with a squat, up and down, you probably know this exercise. When most people do a squat, they will go through a full range of motion which is a great thing to do but we are going to amplify the affects of this movement.

Jill is going to come down to the middle and we are going to have her start pulsing, when she does this all her muscles are clamping down her blood vessels and her muscles, while she does this they’re releasing bio chemicals that are held in place that amplify fat burning in the muscles and muscle shaping.

Squat PulseSquat Pulse

You notice how this is tough on Jill because she is going to be feeling burning here so this is going to amplify the effects of the squat.

Let me show you a different variation with a push-up.

#2 – Variation Push-Up

You can do the same thing with a push-up.  Jill can go through the full range of motion which most people do or she can amplify the results by coming to the middle and pulsing just like this and clamping down all those blood vessels getting all those bio chemicals to release.

Variation Push UpVariation Push-Up

Let’s show them the Batman Jill, another variation and here is another exercise you can do.

#3 – The Batman

Typical example is just up and down, the amplified example is to come up and pulse right there. You’re going to get this burning effect, vascular occlusion effect and all these bio-chemicals are going to be released.

The Batman

Vascular Occlusion, is the name of this technique. When Jill comes down into those half ranges of motion, she is squeezing down on all of the blood vessels, that causes bio-chemicals that the muscle released to stay local to the muscle.

These bio-chemicals are things like IL6 which is a great anti-inflammatory molecule and a fat burning molecule, IL8 which helps increase blood flow to the aerial and IL15 which helps to simultaneously build and shape muscle and burn fat. It’s highly effective at doing that.

You can use this technique with any exercise. Vascular Occlusion is what I call intelligent exercise. Now it’s actually not the most intelligent technique that I use in my exercises.

There is another technique that I accidentally stumbled across 7 or 8 years ago that will dramatically enhance the results of even what we are doing here.  I know you are probably interested in that.

Interested in finding out the other techniques then check it out at

Dr. Jade Teta

Stretching for Fat Loss