Try This Hip Mobility Flow

Try This Hip Mobility Flow


I hope you have great plans for today.

For me, I am on the road again.

Right now I am at the Kelowna Airport in one of those business desks, writing this out.

Today, I want to give you not just one exercise, but a flow that you can do to help loosen up your hips.

After my flight, when I am in my hotel room, I am going to take a minute and go through this exercise myself. 

When you get a chance, so should you.

Take it away, Dean….

Rick Kaselj, MS


CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

This is Dean Somerset from Rick asked me to share a flow that you can use to loosen up your hips.

So here you go – it is called the Butterfly Hip Flow.

Butterfly Hip Flow

  1. For the Butterfly Hip Flow you are are going to start with one leg in front of you while you move down into a butterfly position. Make sure you are stretching the hip on the front leg, nice and deep.
  2. You are going to move forward with a short stride. You don’t want to have your leg move too far forward. Have it close to the knee.
  3. With your back foot, pivot up into a squat. Then you are going to pivot this knee that was not being stretched. Reach back with the leg of the hip you were stretching. Move the other leg into a butterfly position.

If the description above confuses you, here are some photos to help you out.

Butterfly Hip Flow

Butterfly Hip Flow

When it all goes together, it turns into a really nice hip flow series.

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Talk to you soon!

Dean Somerset of