Update on Muscle Imbalances Revealed

Muscle Imbalances Revealed Update with Kevin Yates

I just finished up an interview with Kevin Yates.

Kevin did two presentations for Muscle Imbalances Revealed program:

– Component #4 – Identifying Muscular Imbalances in the Lower Body
– Component #5 – Addressing Muscular Imbalances in the Lower Body

I wanted to talk with Kevin and see what is new, what he had to add to his video presentations and answer questions he has gotten about his presentation.

In the interview Kevin Talks about:

Two new assessments that he does for the lower body

– How to do the assessments

– Key things to look for in these assessments

– Great exercise for a failed assessment test

– His thoughts on static stretching and foam rolling

– 5 Exercises that target hip rotation

– Exciting new things things that Kevin is working on

The great thing is as well is Kevin sent me 5 exercise he does for hip rotation.  He sent me the videos and images for most of them.  Below you can see one of them.

5 Exercises that Target Hip Rotation

How to hear the interview and see the videos:

1) Log into Muscle Imbalance Revealed.

Go to http://muscleimbalancesrevealed.com/wp-admin

Enter your username and password.

2)  Then go to:


If you have not got Muscle Imbalances Revealed yet, CLICK HERE to get it.

Rick Kaselj, MS