What is on Rick’s Mind?

What is on Ricks Mind

As always, a lot happens in a week.

I like taking these posts and reflecting on the week on what has happened.

200th Post!

Yesterday, I hit my 200th post!

To check out my 200th blog post, click here .

It is very cool that I have made it this far.  Many blogs never make it to 50, plus it is a long way from my old blog, Fitness & Rehab News.

I have learned a lot from the old blog, plus it is great when you get emails like this from readers:

“I am from Australia and am currently a personal trainer working out of a small town studio. I visit your site regularly to research and understand what I can apply for my clients and myself. Your information is valuable, and as soon as I can get up some money I would love to buy your Scoliosis manual, as I have some clients that I am currently working with, and your manual I know will deliver results just as MIR has delivered incredible results.”
Shannan Maciejewski


Getting kind words like this wants me to write and give more.

Plus, when I see stuff like thing on my Facebook page, it helps even more:

Thank you everyone for all of your kind words and support.

ACL Injury Feedback

As you know, I have been doing a fair bit of writing about ACL injuries.

I need to finish up my ACL injury series.  I will get to this soon.

As you know ACL injuries and knee injuries are very common injuries that I see.

You can always go get a FREE report that I did on Knee Pain.


Muscle Imbalance Revealed Review

Jeff Cubos continued with his review of Muscle Imbalances Revealed this week.

Since Muscle Imbalances Revealed is a very comprehensive program with a lot of information and well over 7 hours of video presentation, Jeff is doing a review on each of the pieces of the program.

Here is a clip from his review:

“If you have yet to listen to one of Eric’s talks, you are missing out on such an entertaining and engaging speaker. It was really my pleasure to “sit in on his presentation”. Oftentimes you will encounter boring, monotone speakers that have you constantly asking yourself (or the computer), “when do we get to the good stuff”? With Eric, this doesn’t happen. He provides relevant and important information that ultimately results in seamless transitions from one slide to the next. His passion for the shoulder certainly does not go unnoticed.”

I am looking forward to the other reviews Jeff or Dr. Cubos has.

If you don’t know, this is what he is reviewing:


Rick Kaselj, MS