What to do about hip pain after a workout

I had a great workout on Wednesday but as I was working out, my hip started to bug me more and more.

The workout was a conditioning workout so there was a lot of running, single leg work, jumping, and squatting. It has been some time since I have done one of these types of workouts so it was a shock to my body. It was a challenge to do and highlighted a few areas that I need to work on (gluteus medius strength and full range of motion step-ups).

As I kept working out, my right hip kept getting more and more painful. I made it through the workout and then did a self-check on what was going on and figured out it was my IT band (iliotibial band).

It was painful when I moved and when I palpated it (pressed on it). I know in the past I would have just stretched it out or taken the next few days off but now I know better.

What I ended up doing was:

  1. Foam rolling my quadriceps, IT band, guteus maximus
  2. SMR of my quadriceps, IT band, and piriformis
  3. Dynamically stretching my hip

Now to the most important part: I had done the above 6 times on Thursday. I find a common mistake people make when they do recovery work is they only do one repetition or one set. Depending on how your body and muscles feel, you may need to do it several times throughout the day to get the benefit you are looking for. 

The best time I find to do recovery work is just before bed, so last night when I was watching another episode of Rookie Blue, I did my recovery work.

Today, I feel a lot better and I am ready for today’s workout, but I will do the above one more time and make sure I get to the gym early and do a good dynamic workout with a focus on my hip.

If you are looking for the resource that I leaned on to help me out, you can check it out here.

~ Rick

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