You Won a Copy of Assessment and Exercise

I am incredibly humbled.

Thank you so much for taking the time to submit your entry into the Assessment & Exercise contest.

The response was amazing.
Thank you so much for taking the time to submit your entry.
I very much enjoyed reading all of the entries.  I read them yesterday when I was coming home from camping and read them again this morning.
It was so hard to pick a winner from all of the entries.
Just from reading them, I learned so much.
What I did learn from the entries was:
(1)  Fitness and health professionals care deeply about their clients and want to do all they can to improve themselves so they can help their clients.
(2) We all have muscle imbalances, present or past injuries that we are working on, right now, with exercise and activity modification.
(3) I have been able to help a few with their injuries and pain but there is so much more work that needs to be done and Assessment & Exercise will help.
Once again, thank you for your entries; it was life changing for me to read them.
Now to the winners:
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Just to be clear.
What do the winners get?
They get a copy of Assessment & Exercise (A&E).
This is the third edition of the Muscle Imbalances Revealed series.
A&E was put together to help trainers, coaches and therapists assess better and link the best exercises to those assessments.
In A&E you will find:
Component #1 – Assessment & Exercise for Performance with Nick Rosencutter
In this information packed presentation, Nick Rosencutter will show you how to identify muscle imbalances and movement dysfunction in your athletes and high level clients. He will show you the targeted assessments he uses and then the specific exercises he uses to fix the muscle imbalances and movement dysfunction in his athletes and high level clients.
Component #2 – Assessment & Exercise for Athleticism with Anthony Mychal
Anthony focuses on some strange and unique concepts as it relates to athleticism. Not everyone is an athlete but many people want to reach their own high level of athleticism. Anthony shows you what he did to get his athleticism back after injuring his knee during high level martial arts movements.  In his presentation he challenges your thinking when it comes to functional exercises and shows you a concept that is more important than ankle mobility in your feet.
Component #3 – Assessment & Exercise for Personal Training with John Izzo
John discusses the role of assessment and personal training.  He highlights what needs to be looked at beyond joint position and what is weak and tight. He shows you how to line up your assessments to match your general population clients’ goals and how to help – not hurt – your clients with your assessments.  John shows you the two areas he focuses in on with his assessments and the exercises he uses to fix them in order to help his personal training clients reach their health, fitness, fat loss, and life goals.
Component #4 – Assessment & Exercise for Injury Rehabilitation with Rick Kaselj
An injured client or a client with a past injury cannot be assessed or trained like other clients. Most trainers, coaches, and therapists fall into this trap. They use concepts for healthy people and athletes for their injured clients and this leads to slower recovery, frustration, and further injury. Rick makes the complex process of assessing an injured client easy in this presentation and shows you his unconventional exercises that he uses to not further injure his clients but help them overcome their injuries.
A&E is very unique and I know it is going to help you and your clients.
All of this will be available tomorrow for EFI readers in advance of the full release which happens next week.

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P.S. – I just could not limit it to 2 winners.  I ended up picking 3 winners.  If you did win, I will be contacting you by email.  I will ask you for your email so I can set up on-line access to Assessment & Exercise and I will get your mailing address so I can send you a physical copy of the 4-DVD set.