Jennifer Oconer-Garcia

Jennifer Oconer-Garcia graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy and has gained much of her experience as a Clinical Supervisor at an Armed Forces General Hospital, delivering rehabilitation services to active and retired soldiers recovering from traumatic injuries. Her passion for patient care and science started at an early age after her sister was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

Through the years, Jennifer has continued to expand on her medical education and experience, taking additional programs in Upper Extremity Kinesiology, Therapeutic Exercises and Cardiac Rehabilitation. She has also participated in several medical missions.

Jennifer previously worked as a medical transcriptionist for an international company based in the USA before shifting to a medical sales career in a prestigious UK company. This experience allowed her to hone her skills in product detailing and client relations.

Currently, Jennifer enjoys combining her education and experience in physical therapy with her passion for client care. Being an EFI Contributor is truly the best of all worlds.