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Exercises For Injuries
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Apr 4, 2021
by Franziska Tyzkyj on Exercises For Injuries
Balance Training Handbook

I am 86 years old and the Balance Training Handbook program was a Godsend for me. It was really what I needed. I had lower Back pain problems for many years and following those Exercises helped me to take care of them. I am now painless! I can stand up straight now.

Feb 5, 2021
by Robin on Exercises For Injuries
Ankle Sprain Solved

Thank you, Rick and Jenna for the Ankle Sprained Solved program! I BROKE my left ankle in April 2020. Ankle Sprain Solved was instrumental in getting me back on my feet, literally. Working through the stages in your program strengthened the ankle, and helped greatly with mobility.I highly recommend this program for anyone who needs to recover from any ankle injury. I, also saved lots of money! I am grateful!

Feb 5, 2021
by Robin on Exercises For Injuries
Sculpt and Strengthen program

I have been using the Sculpt and Strengthen program for 7 months now. I bought the program as I was recovering from an ankle injury (Ankle Sprain Solved program was a godsend!). I knew I would have to ease back into exercising, and this program really helped me do that. The program has a "Body-weight" edition, and a "Mini Band" version, each with 3 stages. This allowed me to progress at my own pace quite nicely.There's an "Upper Body", "Lower Body", and "Core". This program comes with mini bands in different levels of difficulty. Increase stages, levels of resistance,and/or repetitions as needed. I love that I can print out the framework in a pdf file that came with the program! Jenna, who leads us in the videos, is cheerful, energetic,concise, encouraging, competent, professional, and makes me smile! Thank you!

Feb 5, 2021
by Allen Stanton on Exercises For Injuries

I am a 73-year-old male and have had two heart attacks and a stroke in the past year and a half. I used the Balance Training Handbook exercises today and was so pleased. I especially like the alternative action as my left side tires very quickly and I do not have a full range of motion on my left side.

The Balance Training Handbook program is wonderful and is working for me. I am looking forward to continuing with the exercises.

Allen Stanton
Quathiaski Cove, British Columbia, Canada

Dec 1, 2020
by Robin on Exercises For Injuries
Glute Lifter Pro

I have been using the Glute Lifter Pro program for 4 months now, and I am seeing results. Kiah, the instructor, does a good job explaining, demonstrating, and leading us in the videos. There's a bodyweight, and a mini band edition, each having 3 stages of progression. The mini bands come in varying levels of resistance, too. I like to use this three times per week, alternating with the Sculpt and Strengthen program, the Low Impact, High-Intensity program, and the Advanced Balance Handbook program. I like to begin my exercise sessions with the 9 Minute Morning Routine to wake up my joints, limbs, and disposition. 🙂

Dec 1, 2020
by Robin on Exercises For Injuries
Low Impact, High Intensity

I have been using the Low Impact High Results program for over 2 months now, and I really appreciate that I can choose the upper body, lower body, core, or cardio, each in 3 levels, so I can adjust things to suit my needs for the day. Jenna is a good instructor, leader, and demonstrator. Thank you!

Dec 1, 2020
by Robin on Exercises For Injuries
Balance Training Handbook, and Advanced Balance Handbook program

After recovering from a broken ankle, I decided to take proactive measures to prevent future injuries, so I use the Balance Training Handbook Advanced Balance Training Handbook to help. There are 4 stages:bodyweight seated stability ball, static standing, dynamic standing. These routines also get the heart rate up! Jenna makes all the moves look so easy!

Dec 1, 2020
by Paulette on Exercises For Injuries
Best exercises for Brusitis

I had gone for 2.5 months to a physical therapist, and then at home did the
exercises 3-4 times per week..and icing afterward. But these exercises are
so different and helping me more. Love doing them along with the video in my own home. This all works--thank you very much.

Nov 19, 2020
by helen on Exercises For Injuries
Been in pain for the last 10 years

I am a 71 year old female. I have been to physical therapy, chiropractor, and to an orthopedic surgeon, the orthopedic surgeon suggested a hip replacement, which I knew I didn't need, it was something else causing my front hip pain. After ordering your "Unlock Your Hip Flexors" I faithfully did all the exercise, the plank with leg lift was the most difficult one, and I only manage to lift my toes 2 inches off the ground. In the evening my pain level was down 50%, and I didn't have to take my usual Ibuprofen or Tylenol. The next days I felt good, I am not 100% there yet after 3 sessions, the best part I can live without ibuprofen or Tylenol, and I can see improvement everyday. Thank you Rick.

Nov 10, 2020
by Anjelo Cuasay on Exercises For Injuries
Changed my Life!

I cannot express enough how thankful for the programs you offer especially Unlock Your Hip Flexors. This helped me to get back on track by having an active pain free life. I am now able to do the things I love and not worry about never-ending pain in my hips and back. I highly recommend this program to anyone who does not know where to start since all of the exercises provided here can be easily done. Thank you so much!

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