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Exercises For Injuries
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Apr 15, 2019
by unlock your hip flexors on Exercises For Injuries

yep I am having a good experience,my health is improving and there is less pain in my joints.

Mar 25, 2019
by Mike Singer on Exercises For Injuries
Long time User

I have bought many programs – from back pain; hips; glutes – knees; diet; plantar fasciitis … + more.
I like the presentation methods used – simple to follow; simple to use.
Your techniques have been the basis for many of the “fix” myself issues as I get older – I am almost 65.

Mar 5, 2019
by Curt McCune on Exercises For Injuries
Injury Proof your Body

I have ordered many items(Invincible Core, Forward Head Posture Fix, 17 Ways to Protect Body & Mind from Deadly Chronic Inflammation, Invincible Body, Unlock your Hip Flexors, Fix My Neck Pain and the Sculpt & Strengthen Mini Band Workout) from Rick Kaselj (Exercise for Injuries) and extremely satisfied. I am a former competitive boxer, and played college football for 2-years, and as I have gotten older injuries can creep up. I work in law enforcement and at times sit for long periods of time. The information I have gained from Rick has helped me in so many ways. I have found tons of great information that I have put into my daily workout to help me make as injury proof as possible! I would highly recommend any of Rick’s books to anyone looking to stay injury free and train the correct way and to make your body stronger.

Feb 20, 2019
by Margaret Dube on Exercises For Injuries
14-Day Fall Prevention Quick Start Program

I've only been doing the 14-Day Fall Prevention Quick Start program for about a week and a half, but I feel a little bit more stable. The 4 Step Timed Balance Steps, Heel to Toe Stands, Lunge Variation, Wall Push-up to Mountain Climber and Tandem Walking are the best ones, as they are excellent in improving your balance. Although the first couple of days were challenging, they are becoming easier now. I would definitely recommend this program to others who are looking for fall prevention.

Feb 10, 2019
by Christine on Exercises For Injuries
Happy I found your page!

Wow - just realizing how large your FB community is... that's awesome. Thank you so much for the great videos and the informative helpful movements toward healing! I really using your teachings daily! God bless! -Christine

Feb 10, 2019
by yasin on Exercises For Injuries

I am a RN, certified personal trainer, certified health and health coach and a therapeutic nutrition professional. i'm presently coaching twenty 1st time marathon runners. I actually have suggested Unlock Your Hip Flexors and Unlock Your Hamstrings to the to stay them from injury and facilitate them to end the race robust. i'm sold on this nice program. Thanks Rick for your wonderful program!

Feb 2, 2019
by peter west on Exercises For Injuries
cardio for folk who don't like cardio

Noticed lack of energy due to lack of breath, so thought it a good idea to try cardio for folk who do not like cardio. Am glad I did, as, already I have noticed a difference in breathing after just 10 sessions, and am feeling more energized. Having more energy helps you with other things, as you manage to do more. The most beneficial part for me is the fact that I am more alert and feel so much more alive, instead of feeling lethargic.

Feb 1, 2019
by Esther on Exercises For Injuries
Life Saver!

I was skeptical because the exercises that promised much and cost little but I have used this program daily and recommended to many of my clients and even to my Physical Therapist (who now also recommends it to her clients!) Thanks to this program I am pain-free. My SI joint dysfunction has resolved and I am back to running and yoga and life.

Jan 17, 2019
by Diane Rautio on Exercises For Injuries
Excellent information!

I have benefitted tremendously from the hip flexor exercises; they're certainly the ones I've needed for years!

Jan 15, 2019
by Claudia A on Exercises For Injuries
Rick is great

His programs (video’s) are so gentle. He gets the body.

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