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Exercises For Injuries
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Feb 3, 2020
by Ralph Riveral on Exercises For Injuries
Two thumbs up!

I have been doing the Low Back program and it helped me a lot! The exercises are easy to follow and the videos are organized with detailed instructions. I will surely recommend Rick's products to my family and friends.

Jan 17, 2020
by Christi on Exercises For Injuries

I found Rick's Balance Training Handbook program to be so precise and easy to do I want to share it with everyone I know. I can do my exercise program anywhere. I feel treated to something good for my well being and health. I follow Rick when I think of exercise and he makes it so easy to learn. I’ll go back to many other topics.

Jan 16, 2020
by Stephanie Lim on Exercises For Injuries
Simple and effective

Very easy to follow and the exercises are effective for me. Thank you so much for all your help.

Jan 8, 2020
by Terry on Exercises For Injuries
Forward Head Posture

My work consists of me leaning forward for many hours. I do try to use proper body posture but by the end of the day, my neck and shoulders feel like they are on fire. Forward Head Posture Fix program helps me to re-align and the burning sensation eases up. Thank you for this program.

Dec 18, 2019
by George Kneipp on Exercises For Injuries

I made a tangled mess of the order I really wanted to make. When I realised this I contacted exercisesforinjuries and asked them to help me sort it out. They could not have been more helpful - it was a pleasure to deal with such courteous, understanding and considerate people.

Nov 3, 2019
by Gabriele ONeill on Exercises For Injuries
14-Day Joint Recovery Quick Start

"After more than three weeks of numbness and tingling, my leg and foot are feeling normal again now and my hip and sacrum feel great also! Thanks to the 14-Day Joint Recovery Quick Start Program. I am truly grateful to have found your material.

Gabriele O'Neill

Lower Lake, California”


Oct 26, 2019
by Deepak on Exercises For Injuries
Unlock your hip flexors

This is by far the easiest to follow and the most effective hip flexor routine you will ever do. I experienced immediate relief from stiffness in the hip flexors and hamstrings.

Oct 11, 2019
by Peter Tacon on Exercises For Injuries
Core Stability

Before trying the Core programme, I had a constant nagging pain in my herniated disc in the lower back.
The programme highlighted my core weakness and is now stabilizing those muscles.
And the pain in the herniated disc has gone

Sep 9, 2019
by William Dunn on Exercises For Injuries
Effective Rotator Cuff Injuries

I recently purchased the Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises Program after trying many different supplements and shoulder programs intended to reduce shoulder pain without any relief. After trying this program for one week I have already felt some relief and an increase in my mobility in my shoulders.

Aug 29, 2019
by Ricardo on Exercises For Injuries
Unlocked your hips

Exercises are excellent easy to do it better than in Rehab.

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