Douglas Vickers – Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom

Prior to using the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program my lower back was very stiff, and my right hamstring is very tight. I also used to have to straighten my body up before walking after sitting for a while. After using the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program for around two weeks, picking things up is no longer a problem.

My hamstring is also much better. Not perfect yet, but I will keep on using the program as I am sure it will help. I have to thank you as they have now changed my life. My lower back issues have now gone, and my flexibility has improved immensely.

Steve Plunger – Milwaukee, WI

"With the great help of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, a lot of my pain and stiffness have been reduced. In just two (2) days, I feel stronger and loose than I have felt in years, and I think every human being on this planet should use the exercise tool and try the program, as it is very helpful to everyone. This program is highly recommended!"

Susan Schill – Hamden, Connecticut

The Shoulder Pain Solved program made miraculous progress in a very short period. I could not lift my right arm above my head before. My arm got stuck at the very end, so I had to hold it and slowly let it go. My arm no longer hurts when I raise it above my head now. I'm grateful and still addressing other shoulder issues at the moment.

Terry Cichocki – Harwood Heights, Illinois, USA

"I have pain from too much sedentary life. The Piriformis Syndrome Solved program helped me with stretching those muscles. The instructions are clear and cover a lot. For those who have tried all the exercises to help your hip pain, this one is for you. This exercise will help you work the muscles directly affecting your hips."

Joan Leahy – Victoria, Australia

I have only done the Top 10 Morning Movements to Loosen Up Your Joints program on two successive days, but after doing them, I immediately felt good - a sense of achievement. They are so easy to do and really help with my mood.

Brooks Demio – Colorado Springs, USA

In 1984, I injured my shoulder and was dealing with that injury. I’ve had a couple of motorcycle accidents that aggravated it as well. This Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises program has helped me. I can feel them working the muscles and the shoulder without creating any fatigue or stress. My confidence is growing in getting better strength again. I’m satisfied with the program.

Holly Bunde – Bakersfield, CA

The Bodyweight Blender program could easily fit it into my routine. I feel much better when I do the exercises. It was quick and easy to do and most anyone can do it. I like that it starts out with doing simple easy exercises, and I can get a surprisingly good workout doing these. They are well-thought-out exercises, and I know if I stick with it, my health will improve. This is a great program for getting started on an exercise routine, it includes levels so as you progress, you can do more difficult routines, and keep getting healthier."

Peggy F – Plymouth, MN
Six months ago I began to have excruciating back and leg pain. At that time I saw a Facebook post from Rick Kaselj and ordered the Sacroiliac Pain Solution. When I viewed the video, his program just made sense. It provided exercises for every part of my body that interacted with the SI joint. In my 75 years, exercise programs have always made me extremely sore. Rick's approach with light intensity was exactly what I needed. After two days of exercise, my pain became manageable. I am now on day twelve and can feel myself getting stronger, and the injury has less impact on my life. This program has really changed my comfort level and my life.
Catherine Eujon – Searsport, Maine US

This Safe & Strong Seated Workout Program has given me a strong hour-long exercise program that is adding power to my core and upper body.


Mikee MacMillan – Gauteng, South Africa

The Pain Hacker program definitely helped me to ease the pain and has made the pain less when I sleep. I like the program because I got online access and it is short and easy to do.

Patricia Rogers – Florida, USA

I just started using the Bodyweight Blender program. The exercises are good for getting in shape and you can do them at home without equipment. It has workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Alexia B. – AU
I bought the Shoulder Pain Solved program as I have been experiencing pain in the front of my shoulders for the past couple of months. The program helped me to reduce the pain during the day and I hope to continue to use it to stop the pain at night.
I like the program because it is easy to understand and I would describe the program as a comprehensive guide to help you manage your shoulder pain on your own with great instruction and follow-along videos.

Bruce Truck – Toronto, ON

I am 86 years old and going now for 87 years old. Balance is my daily problem but with the help of the Balance Training Handbook program, I begin to feel more confident and improved my balance. The exercise program and information materials helped me a lot. Thank you for your assistance.

Carol Show – Crossville, TennesseeCarol Show – Crossville, Tennessee

My husband and I used the Stretching to Increase Metabolism almost every day at home and used the Sculpt and Strengthen Mini Band Workout when traveling, we also did the Tone and Tighten Dumbbell Workout twice a week. I love all your programs because they provide various levels which give me gradual progress over time. The training gives us more strength. I am an exercise enthusiast and my husband who is a golfer now eagerly joins me in some of the programs.


Karen Kukurin – BelAir, Maryland, US

I suddenly developed plantar fasciitis. It was quite painful and I had a hard time exercising. Then, I got a notice from Exercise For Injuries about the Plantar Fasciitis Relief in 7 Days program and ordered it. It was a multi-level approach. At first, I had my doubts about its effectiveness because the exercises were so simple. I was halfway through the course and the pain just disappeared. I highly recommend this program.

Marsha S. – Sevierville, TN

I have been doing the Sacroiliac Pain Solution program for only six days now, but I am definitely seeing improvement and even had some pain-free times. I love that you have not only given us videos to follow along with but also text and pictures to follow along with that way if we need to. Your instructions are very clear. I also love the support that is given with such detailed responses to my questions in a prompt way.

Sally Tasmania, Australia

I started at the first level of your Stretching to Increase Metabolism program and I can already see changes in my flexibility and stretching capacity. I’m looking forward to building on those gains.

Brian Kelly Queensland, AustraliaBrian Kelly Queensland, Australia
I am a 70-year old that has been a runner for 50 years and I do Pilates classes twice a week as well as walking and occasional bike riding. The Advanced Sculpt & Strengthen Mini Band Workout appealed to me and I would like more exercises per session because I really like the structure of the exercises which should help me have a good balance of fitness. The progressive level of the exercises is the one I like about it and it's a great start to exercising, especially for beginners.
Margaret McDonald – Folsom, California

The comfort at the completion of just 1 use of the Advanced 10 Gentle Chair Yoga Poses to Undo the Damage of Sitting All Day program was astoundingly great! This program helps me tremendously now with sitting-associated pain.

There was no aspect of this program that I liked least because, like your other programs, you start gently and progress seamlessly to great therapeutic results

Kathy McGuire

I feel the difference in the muscles that support my hip when I started using the Best Gluteus Medius Exercises. The program is progressive and effective. Its focuses on strengthening the support muscles for the back and hips."

Allan Mason – Penfield, New York

I had my right hip replaced last January 2020 and had open-heart surgery to repair an aneurysm last October 2021. But with the Unlock Your Hip Flexors, I am becoming more flexible and my mobility is improving. I would recommend it to anyone who was interested because it is well done, concise, and is easy to follow. Good work!

William Syers – Fairfax, Virginia

I am one week into Part 1 of the Sacroiliac Pain Solution program and my pain is reduced. I am carefully following the sequence. The guide is specific enough too.

There are so many programs on the internet that fail to deliver. That’s not the case with Exercises for Injuries.

Kathy Christie – Englewood, CO, USA

My favorite series is Piriformis Syndrome Solved. I suffered for years without knowing what caused the pain and after doing the program, It is totally gone.

Lianne Crossette – Brighton, MA

I am new to using the Invincible Core program and I like it. I can do most of the exercises, even though I have injuries. I would recommend it to others.

Rebecca Shattuck – NY, USA
I have my right shoulder that's injured. With the assessment, I couldn't lift my arm over my bottom. After going through the instructional video and the actual exercises of the Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises program, there was a substantial difference in the range of motion and how high I could lift it.
Aileen M. – Seaside Oregon, US

I actually bought the Plantar Fasciitis Relief in 7 Days program for my wife, because she's on her feet for 10-12 hours a day as a pharmacy tech and she began having problems last spring. I asked her to try the program and it works. She got better and now if it starts to act up again, she goes right back into the videos and gets out the little wooden roller and she knows just what to do if it's starting to act up so it doesn't get worse. It's amazing.

I know what the programs are like for myself but I was amazed that I can give it to somebody else and they could take it and run with it. The program is accessible to everybody. I absolutely love the programs. Every one of them has worked.

Stephen Karetzky – San Francisco, CA, USA

I received your Balance Training Handbook and it looks great. I looked at the DVDs and they are excellent, it has fine exercises and a great description”

Margaret McDonald – California, USA

I ordered Piriformis Syndrome Solved program because I was having pain and tenderness in bilateral piriformis sites. I like many aspects of this program and noticed an improvement in my functional abilities and comfort; The exercises are well-designed and not boring. Hence, it is comfortable to do because they require little time and everyone can do this in the comfort of their home. Life is so much better since my help from Exercise for Injuries came into my life.

Christoff Alfonso – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Before purchasing the Stretching for Fat Loss program, I had a weak core, weak glutes, binge eating issue, and pain in my right hips due to a deadlift attempt injury. My number one goal is to have that ideal physique and strength that I always wanted to have. I can now see the results of using the program as my core and glutes tighten, my right hip pain minimizing, and my self-confidence starting to slowly skyrocket. Thank you so much!

Mj Lancaster – South Carolina, USA

Thank you for this effective Low Impact – High Results @ Home Workout program. I have found these workouts easy to get into and I am confident that I will continue to work with this program. As for results, I can feel more strength and tone.

Silvia Pike – Reading, United Kingdom

For the past couple of months, I have experienced continuous, very problematic pain around my right hip and groin. This was enough to push me to explore your Bursitis program. Even with my imperfect way of making use of your program, I have started to feel a pleasing reduction in my pain, so I think the program is certainly of good use to me. The 10 Easy Movements for Hip Bursitis is series of exercises that seem to have a beneficial effect on bursitis pain. Interestingly presented, particularly where it offers alternatives to do the exercises without special implements.

Tracy Booth – New York, USTracy Booth – New York, US

I’ve been quietly following your posts on Facebook for a while now, but I figured it was time to speak up and say “thank you”. The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program literally improved my chronic pain overnight and I haven’t paid for PT since! Every time I scroll past one of your posts, I’m eternally grateful.

Karen Morgenstern – Petaluma, CA, USA

I have a hearing disability, but my ear doctor who is a specialist in my type of hearing loss told me I inherited this problem. I noticed this problem when I started working and it got worse as I grew older.

It affected my balance which led to falls. With 14-Day Anti-Aging Quick Start Program, I feel very good after exercising, which makes me look youthful. The program is user-friendly and the exercises are fairly easy to follow. Low impact exercises for losing weight are most effective.

JoAnne Gray – Salem, NH, USA

The 10 Gentle Chair Yoga Poses to Undo the Damage of Sitting All Day is a short, movement-inspired activity that encourages me to keep moving and stop sitting. I would describe the program as a simple, basic, easy program that can help you to feel better when sitting.

Joanne Cockerill-Tustin – Willowdale, Canada

I like the stretches for the Stretching for Healthy Blood Sugar program, as they can be done sitting, standing, or lying. I can feel a sense of wellness or rest overall.

Fred Neitzert – Ontario, Canada

I tried all 4 stages of the Advanced Balance Training Handbook program and found them to be great and helpful exercises. The exercises are challenging. But, I can watch and do them. It’s terrific and helpful.

Pearl Graham – BC, Canada

My painful back prompted me to order the Sacroiliac Pain Solution and it has helped a lot. The exercises are easy to follow and the cost of the program is not prohibitive. The exercises call for some discipline from me, however, I’m up for it because it is helping.

Audrey Stone – Auburn, IN, USA

The Easter Cookbook has very interesting recipes with excellent photos to whet our appetite. I can see and appreciate how nutritious they are. This is a very interesting cookbook that helps guide to more nutritious cooking and eating. These all look delicious! I do like your programs and am glad to have received The Pain Hacker program. I will definitely make good use of this!

Edward Randel – Catonsville, MD, USA

I frequently wake up with sore muscles and joints but when I started using The 9-Minute Morning program, I felt so much better. The program is easy and less strenuous than my normal core workouts.

Mary Mcgahey – Renton, Washington, USA

I ordered The 9-minute Morning program because of hip pain that wakes me up at night. The program is relieving some of my hip pain so I wake up less often. I love the fact that it is a short program and I can repeat it as often as I need to get a longer workout. There is nothing to dislike. I have already told one of my friends if she wants to elevate pain then she needs to get The 9-minute Morning. Adios Dolores!

Anne-Marie Doucet – Austin, Texas, USA

You’ve done a pretty decent job in the Glute Lifter Pro program! This program has helped my problem and I have actually been loving it. I did not have any hesitations or concerns before purchasing it. The bonus upper and lower total body mini band program was really what tipped this to a “hell yes” for me.

This program gives me legitimate results especially with glutes and arms and I can actually do it at home. The assessments are also well- organized. I am happy now that I have a one-stop-shop of programs for the whole body and most injuries from a legitimate practitioner.

Dina-Marie Oswald – Brownfield, TX, USA

I have had trouble with consistency in exercise but the Glute Lifter Pro program is short enough that I am doing it consistently. After using it several times, I noticed that my muscles are firmer already!

I will continue doing the exercises and I am looking forward to being healthier and have more energy.

John Millard – Virginia, USA

For the last few days, I have been doing the Best Gluteus Medius Exercises program. I was pleasantly and sadly surprised to find that I could not easily do many of them, and therefore I firmly believe that these exercises are well worth my doing. It really surprised me that I had neglected my glutes in my daily exercises. I have also been doing your Unlock Your Hip Flexors program. I really enjoy these because I have a hard copy to look at. Thank you for the great exercises!

Franziska Tyzkyj – Ontario, Canada

First of all, I love Cooking For Pain-Free Living and the Home Cook’s Guide To Healthy Eating Cooking cookbooks! Just by flipping thru them, I know they are excellent and I will have wonderful delicious recipes to choose from. I also got the Balance Training Handbook program. These exercises helped to loosen my muscles. I am very impressed!

Carol Alford – Staffordshire, United Kingdom

I love The 7 Minute HIIT Workout program. I have done it each morning straight out of bed, doing it first thing sets me up for the day. I really like that it only takes 7 mins to complete.

Robert Guildner – Sacramento, CA, USA

As an amputee, I am having balance problems and the Strong and Stable Stability Ball Workout program seemed a good route. This program is helping me and I don’t have issues with it. For those who have balance problems, I would articulate the effects I am receiving. The improvements in balance are as expected and I was surprised how many extra areas are getting exercised.

Allen Stanton – BC, Canada

I am a 73-year-old male and have had two heart attacks and a stroke in the past year and a half. I used the Balance Training Handbook exercises today and was so pleased. I especially like the alternative action as my left side tires very quickly and I do not have a full range of motion on my left side.

The Balance Training Handbook program is wonderful and worked for me. I am looking forward to continuing with the exercises.

Grahame Newell – Dublin, Ireland

Before doing the Fit For Life Tubing Workout, I had difficulty in getting dressed and bending down to pick up things. Thanks to the program, I have more flexibility now. I can move more easily.

Paul Shea – TAS, Australia

Anyone can use the Invincible Core Lite program regardless of age or physical fitness and ability. I can move more freely, don’t have pain, and have increased my flexibility, all while doing the program. I have recommended this program to several friends.

All I have to say is that I have lost weight and gained my strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. The program works and the results speak for themselves, stick with it and you will see the results in a short time.

Chris Townsend – Manawatu-Wanganui, NZ

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors has erased so much anxiety and stress. Now, every time I wake up in the morning, I feel so relaxed and in content.

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