R. Theodore – York, PA USAR. Theodore – York, PA USA

Even from the very first time I used the Forward Head Posture Fix program, I was amazed. The first thing I immediately noticed is that I felt more stacked and erect. I also noticed an improvement in my breathing. My breathing got deeper and more rhythmic. I also found it much more comfortable to sleep especially lying in my back without a pillow. And I noticed that the pain in my right knee was much better.

I also tried the Unlock Your Hip Flexor program and with that I noticed that my hips were staying in alignment much longer. I used to realign them three or four times a day. Now I can go many days and they seem to be holding.

I also helped a friend who has Cohen’s syndrome with the Unlock Your Hip Flexor program. The alternate moves were easy enough for him to do and immediately we saw a big improvement in his posture.

I am so grateful for Rick’s programs and wish I could afford all of them.

Chris Tormey – Retired Senior Quality Software Engineer, Aston Ingham in South HerefordshireChris Tormey – Retired Senior Quality Software Engineer, Aston Ingham in South Herefordshire

My life before Fix My Knee Pain program was very poor movement in my legs for walking. This was due to pain around the knees, which seized up when I walked any distance greater than a 100 yards. I have noticed an improvement in my knee pain but it returns after a few hours. So I repeat the exercises and gradually it is improving.

The exercises are simple but have a profound effect on my knee pain and I expect that with the gradual improvement that I will be able to walk properly in the fullness of time.

Shirley Jackson – Registered Nurse, Lake Quinault, Washington, USAShirley Jackson – Registered Nurse, Lake Quinault, Washington, USA

Just wanted you to know Rick how helpful the Forward Head Posture FIX program I bought is helping me. It is a kind of whip lashing I got when raising up and hitting my head from down below very hard. The movement was getting more painful and restricted and doing these exercises daily is really reversing the damage.

Thank you so much.

Peter Pettman – Retired, United Kingdom

Thank you for the Shoulder Injury Guide.

My life before the shoulder injury was frustrating, not being able to do the things you take for granted. I think I was doing more harm than good before.

My life is now improving and I hope to be able to get to a stage where I have full rotation of my arm and be able to do what I want to do.

The best thing about the Shoulder Injury Guide is to know how to do the movements correctly without further injury. It will take time and patience. There is a need to know how to perform the exercises correctly without causing further damage or pain in a slow methodical manner.

Chris Marchuk – Video Artist, Calgary AlbertaChris Marchuk – Video Artist, Calgary Alberta

I had mobility problems mostly from Forward Pelvis Tilt seemingly caused by a leg injury after falling from a ladder onto the cement. I had been to many therapists but no one properly diagnosed my issue or could give me exercises to do to help resolve my issues.

The Ruthless Mobility video series did a lot to help me analyze my problem and start myself on a recovery plan.

The best thing about Ruthless Mobility is that Dean addressed specific issues and core reasons and how to analyze them, which is something missing in the therapy arena.

Jordan Bencharski – WriterJordan Bencharski – Writer

After 2 weeks of doing Unlock Your Hip Flexors every day, my hips are feeling great. Yesterday was the first day that I didn’t even have the conscious thought of “My hips hurt.” I didn’t realize it until going to bed yesterday how pain-free they were.

It’s an awesome product for your buck!

Melanie Smith – Castro Valley, CA, USAMelanie Smith – Castro Valley, CA, USA

I did devour your interview with Dean’s 10 Commandments by transcribing them. I got so much out of doing that (took hours) that I purchased the program!

The Ruthless Mobility program has helped me find my anterior, internal thigh muscle I wasn’t engaging much. This in turn helped stabilize my hip and reduced pain as I exercise it. It gives context to my patience for allowing my lack of range of hip extension. Realizing that the ungiving muscle is loving and helping me with all it’s might. I can walk so much better now.

Your offerings have been helping me find new paths along my journey of late. The information have helped me gain awareness of some issues getting worse there – turning them around.

Goran Grahovac – Personal Trainer in Hotel Fitness, Rovinj, Croatia

I just started studying all of these stuff a few months ago and don’t have ”the whole world” knowledge. I still need some time to work on and keep going.

Ruthless Mobility is helping me a lot. The best things for me were the breathing drills and foam rolling, which I don’t use in my training sessions as much as I want or need to. But from now on, I will incorporate that stuff too.

I will describe it as one of best resources of mobility foundations and drills that you can incorporate instantly to your training.

Thanks a lot one more!

Landon Hiebert – Student, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

I am very happy with your thorough routine on how to help alleviate the pain and tightness in my hips. I have been doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program almost every other day since I first got it and I am seeing significant improvements. I have also been using the Fix My Back Pain routine with it as well, and the two routines together are making great progress into bringing back my full ROM without and pain or weakness.

I believe my life was good but the nagging pain and tightness in my hips sometimes put a damper on my mental well being. Since beginning your program I have started to regain some of that confidence which I lost when my hips were tight and painful. I think the best thing was that I could incorporate it into my pre-workout warm up routine and even sometimes after I was finished. It is basic yet thorough and lots of the exercises can be performed anywhere and that I believe lends to the success of the program.

I would describe this program as a hidden gem to rehabilitating one of your bodies most essential joints. I believe programs like Unlock Your Hip Flexors need to be incorporated into anyone’s routine in order to allow that individuals to remain at peak performance through a fully functional And strong ROM.

Thanks again.

Nora B. Anderson – Denver, Colorado, USA

I was unaware of how my bad habits were building up to create knee pain.

Fix My Knee Pain program has really helped me try to undo some of those bad habits and made me more mindful of how I stand, move, etc. It also made me more aware that I have to take care of myself.

The best thing about the Fix My Knee Pain program is the slow, calm, measured pace of Rick’s advice, and the grounding effect it has for me. The program has really helped me get into a discipline of what I need to do to help my knee and my legs in general to gain some strength back and take better care of myself.

I am so glad I found your programs! I have already recommended it to a few friends – I told them I liked the pace, Rick’s delivery, and the common sense of his advice.

Lana S.

The 5 Tricks That Fight Neck Pain and Tightness Program is helping but it might take some time. I had C-Spine surgery 20 years ago so i have some debilitation in the muscles.

You have give me hope that it can improve and I’m very grateful for that.


Chad Sorsdahl – Lifestyle Fitness Coach, Gold Coast, Australia

I have been using Rick’s Unlock Your Hip Flexors series to assist with my back issues and I want to thank you. The way my back feels these days is so much better and allows me to train again.

I want to use Rick’s teachings with my fitness clients to improve their the back conditions.

Jack Wengrosky – Retired Army NCO, Professional musician, Miami, FL, USAJack Wengrosky – Retired Army NCO, Professional musician, Miami, FL, USA

Before Forward Head Posture Fix, my neck made popping and grinding sounds every time I moved my head. I was always getting massages for my sore neck.

After 4 weeks of using the program, my neck makes almost no sounds when I move. I also feel taller and more confident and my neck doesn’t get as sore. I play trumpet and tend to push my head forward when I perform. Now, I am more aware and even play better.

Forward Head Posture Fix is a handful of simple exercises and stretches done each day that help align the neck and ease the pain and pressure from years of pushing the head forward. It might even prevent neck problems from happening later on.


Kristy Koukal – Integration Specialist, Lakeland, MN, USAKristy Koukal – Integration Specialist, Lakeland, MN, USA

I have been using the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program for a few months now, and I love it! I do it every morning and I can’t believe the difference it makes.

I have been exercising regularly so there are some days that my muscles are very tight, and doing my morning stretches has been awesome!


Beyan Mohammed – Procurement Coordinator, Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaBeyan Mohammed – Procurement Coordinator, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Before, I am having pain in the back, shoulder, knee and hip but after using the Invincible Core program I can feel that the pain reduced and I start to lose weight. I like all the exercises in the video for which I am doing step by step. They are all useful subject.

I already inform this to all my friends who have back, shoulder and knee pain to subscribe to Exercises for Injuries products.

Ed Rementer – Retired, North Wildwood, NJ, USA

I have found that I have more mobility and less overall joint pain after being on the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program for 3 weeks.

Oh by the way. I am in excellent health and in good shape, quite active and not a couch potato. Thanks for the follow up!

Natasha Oehme – Uvongo, South Africa

I would like to say that so far I am very happy with the Forward Neck Posture Fix. It was really well-presented, easy and quick to follow and very well set up to implement.

It has not really affected my general neck pain as yet (also general spasms and tension) but it is beautifully loosening up my upper back and spine and is already having a positive effect on my general posture.

Have a great day and God bless you and all the best for all the great work you are doing!

Kay Lanier – Artist, Visalia, California, USAKay Lanier – Artist, Visalia, California, USA

Hi Rick,

I had some problems at first. I was unaware that the lump in my glutes was my hip flexor poking through. I found this out when my hip locked up & my doctor checked it out. He looked at the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises & agreed that it would fix the problem.

Since this discovery the lump is getting smaller & the hip pain is regressing nicely. At least I sleep 4-5 hours before it wakes me. That’s a great improvement from where I started. So thank you.

Kristen, RN – Madison, WI, USA

Best thing about Invincible Core is that I really like the step-by-step process that you use in teaching, and how the exercises are taught from easier to more difficult and challenging. You are right when you say anyone can use the Invincible Core system.

Some of the exercises are more difficult for me, but I totally expected it and I am glad that I feel challenged. I don’t dislike hard and challenging exercises, like some people do because I know the benefits of these exercises to my body and that makes me feel really good about it.

Invincible Core is what you make of it. These are exercises for everyone, at any level. Explanations are great as well as the demonstrations.

Thank you so much!

Linda Arnold – Retired Professional, Pézenas, South France, Retired ProfessionalLinda Arnold – Retired Professional, Pézenas, South France, Retired Professional

I am a very active 62-year old woman but I broke my arm and injured my elbow before Christmas, and have been exercising such as HIIT and weights, walking. But recently I felt knee pain in one leg.

After doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program just once, my knee pain disappeared. I am now doing it everyday, followed by Unlock Your Hamstring exercises, as a warm up to my other workout. I already recommended this program.

Paula Powell

I just wanted to let you know that the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises have helped me to feel better. I don’t have pain in my legs and a constant nagging need to stretch my lower body, legs, buttocks and hips.

I want to thank you for the great information.

It appears to be designed to appeal to a wide audience. The way you have presented the information allows me to fast forward through the basic explanations and get to the meat of it. By showing alternatives to each such as the use of the wall instead of the floor makes this so versatile for young and not so young! I’m sure you would agree that exercise at all ages has it’s benefits. This opens up the opportunity for seniors as well as those of us that may be rehabbing.

I particularly appreciate the section on foam rolling. Your Invincible Core program provides me with enough information to use it on my own for a complete understanding of the how and why. This gives me a chance to work with it on my own so as not to take up valuable training time.

Larry Page

Deborah Cambria – Registered Nurse- Health Educator, Philadelphia, USA

I have to say that Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises DO WORK!

I have been doing them about every other day.

I have pain in my legs and buttocks and sort of like a sciatica. I exercise and walk a lot. I sit at my desk a lot at work but I am able to move around and use the stairs all day. I climb the stairs to the 7th floor every day 3 times. The pain I have comes and goes but I have it more than I don’t. It was getting really bad interrupting my sleep. I can’t have things interrupting sleep!

I really feel the exercises loosen my hips and the pain subsides. I also do other things for the pain like take anti-inflammatory enzymes and eat fermented foods, no processed foods, little sugar, no transfats, etc and they all help too but I needed something else and the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises were it.

My son is a personal trainer, was a Kinesiology major and is a PA so he can show me the correct way to do them. I asked him about the exercises and he said absolutely do them.

Thank you!

Arthur Barnes – News Journalist, Whangarei, Northland, New ZealandArthur Barnes – News Journalist, Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

I am elated with the results of your Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercise program and can’t thank you enough for your help. From the first time I tried the exercises, the relief was immediate. I’m sure I look and feel slimmer and I stand straighter and walk taller. I am truly grateful.

Before the program, the aching and tightness in my lower back had troubled me for some 20 years or more. As a news journalist (subeditor mostly), I spend many hours at a computer keyboard. And I can see now how all that sitting had seized up the muscles in my middle area.

Now I experience next to no ache. If I do I just do the exercises and I feel great again. The best thing about the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is being able to obtain such quick relief and understanding what the trouble was and having a ready solution at hand.

I am recommending the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises to anyone who wants to know about them. I tell them the exercises are really simple, easy to follow and in the end, don’t require much effort at all. And the quick results speak for themselves.

Again, many thanks for your practical wisdom and easy-to-understand explanations. I live in New Zealand, and if you are ever down this way, I would love to meet you and shake your hand.


Andrew Podolak – Former FBI Special Agent and Martial Arts Instructor, Linden, VA outside Washington, DC, USAAndrew Podolak – Former FBI Special Agent and Martial Arts Instructor, Linden, VA outside Washington, DC, USA

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises are helping. I feel relief from the tightness in my hip flexor on the right side which I have for 20 yrs.

Thank you!

Phyllis Miyauchi – Retired, South Glens Falls, NY, USA

I was in horrible pain until Unlock Your Hip Flexors program just showed up on my computer. I bought it and began to do the exercises twice a day everyday. Within a week I couldn’t believe the difference. My flexibility has increased a good deal and I’m down from a pain level of 10 to about 2 off and on. I need to keep working on it since I still have some problems sitting over half an hour, driving my car and doing climbing hiking.

Thank you so much! Talk about synchronicity! You came when I needed you.

Susan B.

Your Unlock You Hip Flexors program has been a tremendous help to me, having had 4 years of undiagnosed pain, multiple imagings, several round of PT, different medicines, and consultations at a pain clinic. Your simple easy exercises have improved my situation greatly.

Please thank Rick Kaselj for me, until I came across his program I was resigned to giving up my active lifestyle and living in constant pain. He has been a blessing!

Thank you!

Louise Pocengal – California, USA

I am 86 years old and doing reasonably well. However, I did have a small problem with rotator cuff pain over the past few years and the exercises I received from my doctor really didn’t help much. I used Rick’s exercises of placing my arm back and to the side plus bending my arm waist high in back of me and pushing against a wall, and this really helped. The pain is gone and I can reach up and get things from a high shelf. I really appreciate that!

I have only been doing the Forward Head Posture Fix exercises for a few days, but I can feel some improvement in my posture. When backing out of a parking place at a shopping mall I found it difficult to turn my head back and to the sides to look for approaching cars, but now it is much easier. I am also standing up a little straighter and filling my lungs with oxygen better.

These exercises are quite simple and don’t take a lot of time but they just make my body feel better!

Thanks for your help, Rick!

Jk Overstocks

My hips started bothering me about a year ago. I had a Hysterectomy with complications and spent 4 days in the hospital. The exercises in Unlock Your Hip Flexors program are really helping me!

I need to try the hamstring exercises as I also have plantar fasciitis and tight hamstrings. Your exercises along with the right supplements and hard work are returning my life back to a decent place before the evil word menopause tried to turn me into a fat, depressed person with painful, hips, knees and feet.

Thanks again.

Sue Bowie – Vancouver Island

I have been doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors movements for a few weeks now, not every day and so far I really feel like it is helping to loosen up that area.

I had knee problems from an old work injury, and all the muscles in my legs got really tight, so I went to massage rather than a doctor, and it really did help but then the hip flexors got tight, even though I was doing stretches every day for them, and trying not to overwork myself around the farm.

Thank you for your great exercises! I can now get up off the couch and not be so stiff for the first few steps, and I sleep better as well.

Thanks for your help

Ivy Yeo – Retired Professional, SingaporeIvy Yeo – Retired Professional, Singapore

Rick, big thank you for the exercises you created to Unlock Your Hip Flexors. I ordered the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises program for my husband.

He had a pain and had to walk with a walking stick, even that was with great difficulty. He wanted to see a chiropractor but when I showed him your exercises and he immediately started doing them.

Fantastic! his pain was minimized and could walk now without any aid. He is going to make it his lifestyle doing the exercises.

Thank you again and God bless you!

Cathy Lawrence – Voice Teacher, New York City, NY, USACathy Lawrence – Voice Teacher, New York City, NY, USA

I wanted to thank you for Unlock Your Hip Flexors. I’ve never written a testimonial before, but that program has quite literally made me feel like a different person. I feel looser, leaner, and I have none of the pain and stiffness in my lower back that had plagued me for decades.

It’s truly amazing. And the results were apparent in the first couple of days. Thank you so much!

Tony Toohey – Commercial Air Conditioning Sheet Metal Duct Installer, Chatswood, NSW AustraliaTony Toohey – Commercial Air Conditioning Sheet Metal Duct Installer, Chatswood, NSW Australia

My hips are starting to get back to normal lately thanks to the exercises in the “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” Video, sensational little work out.

I also found that doing some of the standing stretch exercises in the pool works for me too, I did this last night with great results.

Thanks for your consideration mate hope to hear from you more in the future.

Tracy Walker – Registered Nurse, North Carolina, USATracy Walker – Registered Nurse, North Carolina, USA

I just wanted to say thank you for providing what I needed to resolve my hip problem! I have been lifting weights since February of last year, but it has only been in the last 2 or 3 months that I noticed a problem in my right hip.

I downloaded your Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises, went through them, and felt good afterwards. I went through work all day with no pain and no pain medication. Yeah!!

Thanks so much for a simple answer to a problem I have been dealing with for months. Very few people seem to understand this issue, so I have been spreading the word.


I am noticing much improvement, and I have to say that 5 Tricks That Fight Hip Pain and Tightness program is combined with so many exercises. This network of leaders in the field of health and wellness is so amazing.

I think the video on the 5 Tricks That Fight Hip Pain and Tightness program has been very helpful. Each time I use it is I realize that the moves are good for me. Also the awareness of balance in the muscles is coming to my attention.

Thank you.

Shona McKee – Teacher, Wanaka, New Zealand

My knee had become unstable as I have no ACL so it caused pain when I went out hiking.

After using the Fix My Knee Pain program, I have seen an improvement in stability. It gives me a routine to work through. I use it in conjunction with other knee strengthening exercises and the hip flexors and hamstring exercises.

Fix My Knee Pain is an easy to follow programme which addresses knee issues, but you need to be disciplined and use it regularly.

Thomas Mcgowan – Retired Marketing Executive, Dublin, IrelandThomas Mcgowan – Retired Marketing Executive, Dublin, Ireland

I have a terrific experience with the “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” exercise program!

I am a 71 year old, a golf enthusiast, and had been experiencing sciatica type pain in my left hip for some time. Thankfully by following your Unlock Your Hip Flexors program daily, I am now totally free of hip pain.

Many thanks for your help!

Shelley Watson – Retired Executive Assistant, Carmel, Calif., USAShelley Watson – Retired Executive Assistant, Carmel, Calif., USA

Your exercises have changed my life. I have been in constant pain for 15 years. The worst has been the last 2 years. The series of stretches on the video and the information in the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program have been a blessing! Thank you!

Isabelle Favreau – Saskatoon, Sk. CanadaIsabelle Favreau – Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

After a week of doing Rick Kaselj’s Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, I am noticing a big difference in my mobility and most certainly, a decrease in the pain.

The exercises are certainly better than what my physiotherapist prescribed. The latter only increased the pain.

When I do the hip flexor exercises in the sequence that is shown, my body seems to know that these movements are exactly right.

I like the program. I like how Rick uses the model to demonstrate the exercises. I appreciate how he has responded to feedback and has offered alternatives to the first exercises. His knowledge and genuine caring is very obvious.

Thank you Rick!

Jennifer C. – Professional Hair Stylist, Colorado, USA

My low back used to be very stiff and tired regardless of how much I stretch or exercise. I’ve been doing the flow routine for about a week now and notice improvements in the stiffness.

The best thing about the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program are the specific routine to follow. This program is very helpful!

Lei Ho – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Thank you for being the genius who will show me how to get better as I get older, I will tell you that I could feel a significant improvement in my gait after only two sessions of your exercises. I have osteoarthritis, bone-on-bone knees, a history of sore hips, an undiagnosable (according to 14 MDs) neuropathy that makes me unstable walking and gives me the sensation that I’m stepping on pebbles although I do not have diabetes. I do daily taiji and yoga, and workout dog-paddling in the ocean 30 to 60 minutes. Nothing improved my staggering, stiff-legged gait until I did your exercises twice.

What I love about Unlock Your Hip Flexors; 1) it’s easy to do, 2) doesn’t require equipment or a gym (because I live on a very limited budget), 3) it makes sense according to all of my martial arts and yoga training as well as my personal experience with back, hip, and knee pain, and 4) best of all, I can do it myself which is how I most like to train.

Thank you Rick for addressing a need no other health professional has helped me with. You are my hero and savior! I am confident your program will provide even more benefit to me and I have downloaded the Advanced Hip Flexor Exercises. I promise to report my success to you.


Thomas Mcgowan – Retired Marketing Executive, Dublin, Ireland

I have a terrific experience with the “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” exercise program!

I am a 71 year old, a golf enthusiast, and had been experiencing sciatica type pain in my left hip for some time. Thankfully by following your Unlock Your Hip Flexors program daily, I am now totally free of hip pain.

Many thanks for your help!

Henri Martin – Retired, Orsa SwedenHenri Martin – Retired, Orsa Sweden

The Forward Head Posture Fix is a great tool to re-balance the whole body.

Before trying the Forward Head Posture Fix program, I felt many tensions and stiffness despite a daily yoga and Tai Chi practice. After trying the program, my vision improved and the stiffness in my neck decreased.

Thank you Rick for this program!

Shai Mizrachi

Eight years ago, I started suffering from pain. Since then, I have a chiropractic treatment twice a month but in the beginning I had treatments 3 times a week.

After using the Forward Head Posture Fix program for three times, I feel great. After watching the video, I saw exactly the issues I have, and the same talks I have with my chiropractor. I’m assuming that I will need to leave my chiropractor now and doing this exercise will bring me to live a better life even when growing older.

Forward Head Posture Fix matched all the issues that I have and it gives the way on how to fix them. I certainly will recommend it!



I wanted to email to say THANK YOU for this manual. Could not have been more perfect timing for me, my neck is a mess. Despite stand up desks, treadmills, yoga, I find myself with tingling in left arm, on planes, trains and cars way too much. The chiro says it is due to double crush syndrome so I have declared war on making it better. This popped into my inbox just a few days after seeing a new chiropractor in NYC.

I love the exercises in the Forward Head Posture Fix program and have started doing almost all of them daily. Excellent set of moves that can be accomplished in my car (almost), at work and at home.

Thanks again! Keep up the great work!

Thank you, Rick!

Lynn – Dietetics, Celina, Ohio, USA

I am floored by how well this worked! I do yoga on a regular basis, but I could not get rid of my constant hip pain. I went through the whole set of exercises on a Sunday. By Tuesday, I realized that my hips had stopped hurting. Well done!

Your Unlock Your Hip Flexors book taught me how bad sitting is for my psoas muscles and the cascading negative things that can happen to the body and mind from having tight hip flexors. Usually I would go right into the stretches, but your book taught me that the hips have to be unlocked in a progressive order- or I could make my problem worse.

I think that the dynamic first step of swinging the legs was a real help as it loosened me up and brought blood and warmth to my muscles!

Thank you, Rick!

Betsy C. – Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is a life-changer no matter where you are on the athletic spectrum. I have always been a reasonably active person but it came to a point when I was doing less and less because of unexplained back, hip, and knee pain until I tried this program.

I am almost pain-free when I walk and lift my legs for any reason. I have recommended this to my mom and brother, who both suffer from knee and hip pain!

Thank you for helping us out, Rick!

Larry Vaught – 1st degree black belt in Kempo Karate, Professional musician/percussionist/drummer, Roseville, California, USA

My life was going “Okay”, but needed to find some other ways of strengthening my body and now I found your Invincible Core program. The exercises are helping me achieve that goal. I also had some injuries before and this program is helping me with my lower back and hip flexors.

I will describe Invincible Core program as the safest way to exercise or strengthen your body, especially if your body has certain issues or limitations, etc. It’s not a “kill yourself trying to do them” program.

Ted Phipps – Computer Consultant, Washington, DC, USA

After the first week of doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises, my hips stopped hurting. I can already tell that the flexibility has improved. It’s amazing!

I can also do the exercises at my workstation, usually in the morning before starting my day. I also appreciated the alternate exercises offered. The ability to download the videos to my tablet is a huge plus, I can take them with me wherever and review my technique to make sure I’m doing things correctly.

Mobility is critical as you get older. Along with balance and weight lifting, you can feel younger and reverse the effects of years of bad habits by using the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises.

Jim Tallman – Industrial Training Consultant, Langley, BCJim Tallman – Industrial Training Consultant, Langley, BC

I’ve had much better success with your Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, however, which I got a few months ago. I’ve had a problem with the fascia in my left glute/thigh for over three years. It got to where I could hardly go up stairs, and would wake up two or three times each night from the pain/discomfort. I tried yoga, two different physiotherapists, a prescription topical cream from my doctor, foam rolling, massage and 222’s. None of these were very effective.

However, I started doing the exercises in the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program three or four months ago, and the problem has gone away. I can walk up stairs with no problem and don’t wake up in the night from the pain. I do the exercises every day without fail and the pain is gone and most of the stiffness as well. I plan to keep doing the program for at least several months, if not forever, to make sure the problem stays away. Your program is the only one that has worked. So I have to say it’s a great program!

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