Ray Posner – Wauchope, NSW, AustraliaRay Posner – Wauchope, NSW, Australia

I did the Frozen Shoulder Solution Program today and after 1 session I feel an improvement in my flexibility. The program is also well-laid-out with great combination of videos and manuals. It has tracking sheets which are essential in any training program.

I could say that Frozen Shoulder Solution Program is a simple easy-to-follow program with progressive steps. It starts off with easy exercises which will gradually build flexibility and strength before moving on to the next stage.

I will now do this every day as I want full recovery.

Margaret Parry – Greenhithe, EnglandMargaret Parry – Greenhithe, England

I’m 65 years old and the Hip Replacement Handbook program is taking me further towards a stronger and more balanced position. The program is clear and easy to understand.

The comments about what each exercise should achieve or muscles used reinforce on why you should be doing them. Plus, it is easy to do anywhere in your house.

Terry Davis – Bethel Island, CA, USATerry Davis – Bethel Island, CA, USA

I have only been doing the Strong and Stable Stability Ball Workout program for just a few days as I have been working a lot for the past few weeks with my profession.

So far, I saw this program as a means of getting my exercise easier than trying to schedule my walks in hot, cold, and rainy weather.

I’ve always been on the heavy side and would like to see the slim side of me. I know I can do it with this Strong and Stable Stability Ball Workout program.

Catherine Alfer Kraning – Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis and I believe this condition led to pain in my hip along with my hip freezing up on me throughout the day. This all made my work life very difficult as I have a physical job. After doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises once, I felt relief that no other stretching, ice, heat, pain killers, NSAIDs gave me in the past. The program is very easy, time-saving and has targeted movements that zeroed in on my specific problem. So, glad I found this program and I am grateful to you!

Now, I know what movements to do to not only correct my hip issues but to also prevent flare-ups. I didn’t realize how physical pain and limitations were affecting me emotionally until I felt relief. But that is how chronic pain goes, I guess. I would encourage anyone with physical limitations to try this program. I am so glad I did!

Matthew Heissenbuttle – Charleston, SC, USAMatthew Heissenbuttle – Charleston, SC, USA

I am currently using the Unlock Your Hip Flexors, the Sacroiliac Joint Pain Solution, and the Best Gluteus Medius Exercises programs. Before starting these programs, I had been experiencing stiffness, some pain, and an overall lack of flexibility and range of motion in my hip joints.

I only recently started these programs, but in the short period that I have been using them, I am starting to notice a very positive difference in the way my hips feel. I feel somewhat looser with a little more range of motion, and the constant aches and pains are getting less and less.

I very much look forward to continuing this journey until I can finally say that I have no more issues. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but with your programs I know I can conquer this bit by bit. Thank you so much for these great programs!

Colin Purchase – Nerang, Queensland, AUColin Purchase – Nerang, Queensland, AU

I received the Top 10 Morning Movements to Loosen Up Your Joints DVD and it has been very helpful in starting my morning routine. It also has minimum time to finish and it is satisfying to do!

David Krasner – Lower Hutt, New ZealandDavid Krasner – Lower Hutt, New Zealand

There is nothing in the Hip Replacement Handbook program that I don’t like. It is very helpful. The program has an option to make the exercises less difficult or more difficult depending on your capacity. It is worth it and just what I needed!

Amy Cordero – Ogden, UT, USAAmy Cordero – Ogden, UT, USA

Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises program is quick and effective no matter what level you are. My shoulders have not been the same for almost 8 years but I can already feel a difference and change just within the first week.

Sylvia J Richardson – Nova Scotia, CanadaSylvia J Richardson – Nova Scotia, Canada

I am almost 73 years old and have arthritis and inflammation of some joints. Mobility can often be a problem for me, and exercise can be uncomfortable if not downright painful.

Before I got the Stretching for Fat Loss program, I had become so disillusioned with my ability to follow any exercise program that I had almost given up trying. Since doing the Stretching for Fat Loss program, I am finding that my general mobility has increased exponentially and much of the joint stiffness I was experiencing previously is starting to disappear.

There are many benefits to this program, but I would say that the greatest benefit for me was the renewed hope that there is something that I can do to help my own condition. The exercises are so easy to follow and arranged on a gradient scale that anyone can follow – even me!

Jose Galvan – Anaheim, CA, USA

The Top 10 Morning Movements to Loosen Up Your Joints DVD has organized steps like an aerobic exercise.It can be easily be done by a 92-year old like me without much strain.

Frances Pinkerton – Killaloe, Ontario, CanadaFrances Pinkerton – Killaloe, Ontario, Canada

The best thing about Balance Training Handbook is being able to feel the exercises working and the small amount of space and equipment needed.

I would highly recommend the Balance Training Handbook to anyone needing at-home exercise and describe it as the ultimate exercise book for people who “hate” exercising.

Tatyana Kulikovski – Moscow, RussiaTatyana Kulikovski – Moscow, Russia

The 10 Easy Movements For Stronger Knees program is a great tool, It is brilliantly arranged, easy to understand and also effective.

Overall, my body has undoubtedly increased and sleeps become better. The results exceeded all my expectations. Everything Rick promised has miraculously came true!

Nina W. – Maryland, USA

I bought the 10 Easy Movements For Stronger Knees program because I have knee issues and I want to avoid knee replacement.I like that the exercises are combined in one short session and are easy and worth trying.

Sheryl Hill – Airdire, AB, Canada

I have been doing the 10 Easy Movements for a Stronger Core for 6 days now and this program seems to be doing it for me. It makes me really happy. So, I am going to keep going on it and get stronger.

L.M – Freeport, IL, USA

My life has improved with the help of 7-Minute HIIT Workout. I now exercise more per week and I like the flexibility to workout at my own pace and increase the intensity when I feel like it. This program is a valuable addition to my entire fitness program.

Kimberly Brody – Boulder, CO, USA

I like the Strong & Stable Stability Ball Workout program because I can do them at home and they help me stay consistent with my workouts and gain strength daily.

Rachel Deville – FranceRachel Deville – France

I bought the Unlock your Hip Flexors because my hip area is stiff. I am currently doing the two sessions every day for one week and I already got some immediate relief from back pain.

So far so good. I like the advice about placing a hand on the muscle to feel it working and the combination of Unlock Your Hip Flexors with Glutes.

I would describe the program as simple to follow, well-explained and affordable.

Sue Meservey – Norfolk, VA, USA

Well, I am finally doing the Strong & Stable Stability Ball Workout program and it is really great! I am not an active 70- year old person but this is something I can really get into and actually do on a more consistent basis.

Alison C. – Chicago, IL, USA

I’ve had chronic pain in my upper back for years. I have seen physical therapists and tried numerous exercises but nothing seemed to help.Now, my posture is improving. Thanks to the Scapular Stabilization program. The exercises take just a few minutes and it helps my shoulders to be less rounded. I am hopeful that this will continue to improve with the daily exercises from Exercises For Injuries.

David Mickelburough – Melbourne, AustraliaDavid Mickelburough – Melbourne, Australia

Before doing the Sculpt & Strengthen Mini Band Workout program, I have been getting progressively weaker in overall muscle strength and losing the basic balance skills.

Thanks to this program, I have seen a marked improvement in muscle recovery after exercise and have been able to continue with daily work routines without too much pain.

Curt Mccune – Birmingham, AL, USACurt Mccune – Birmingham, AL, USA

I have ordered many items from Exercises For Injuries: Invincible Core, Forward Head Posture Fix and Unlock your Hip Flexors, etc. and I am extremely satisfied. I am a former competitive boxer, and played college football for 2 years. As I have gotten older, injuries can creep up.

I work in law enforcement and at times sit for long periods of time. The information I have gained from Rick has helped me in so many ways. I have found tons of great information that I have put into my daily workout to help me make my body as injury-proof as possible. I would highly recommend any of Rick’s books to anyone looking to stay injury-free and train the correct way and to make your body stronger.

Karl Plofker – Novato, CA, USA

I have recently started using the Balance Training Handbook program and I have integrated it with my posture regimen, and uses it as one workout about three times a week. Although it is a bit early to realize the full benefits, I definitely am starting to feel a positive shift not only in my forward head posture but also in my balance mainly in the feeling of more of a sense of ease when I stand up from a sitting position.

I’d like to thank you for your help and I am looking forward to further progress in these areas.

Maureen Humpage – Murdoch, WA, AustraliaMaureen Humpage – Murdoch, WA, Australia

I am interested in keeping myself healthy. I am almost 82 and since February 2018, I have lived with a total hip replacement and would like to avoid the expense and trauma of having the other hip done though I cope well and still enjoy many forms of dancing.

Your Bodyweight Blender program offered me a scientific approach that I could add to my other activities without taking up too much of my time.

William Dennis – Lombard, IL, USA

The Balance Training Handbook together with other programs that I tried in the past give me hope that I might be able to reverse some of my ailments even at least to the extent of feeling more mobile and with less pain, and maybe loose some weight as well.

As I started with Phase 1 yesterday, it felt refreshing to move again and noticed some reduction in low back pain from activating my abdominal muscles.

Aniela Grundy – Bradfield-Reading, UKAniela Grundy – Bradfield-Reading, UK

I bought the Advanced Gluteus Maximus Exercises to improve my performance of Argentine tango.

Even though I have not managed to exercise daily, I can feel the difference in my lower body, not to mention a better shape of my behind.

Denise Toms – Upper Marlboro, MD, USA

I’m an older athlete and I like to have variety in my workouts to keep them interesting and utilize different muscles.

The Fit For Life Tubing Workout program fits the bill. I feel it is working all kinds of muscles. Plus, it is portable so I can use it anywhere! Great addition to my fitness routine.

Margaret Dube – Cobbie Hill, BC, CanadaMargaret Dube – Cobbie Hill, BC, Canada

I’ve only been doing the 14-Day Fall Prevention Quick Start program for about a week and a half but I feel more stable. The 4-Step Timed Balance Steps, Heel to Toe Stands, Lunge Variation, Wall Push-up to Mountain Climber and Tandem Walking are the best ones as they are excellent exercises in improving my balance.

Although, the first couple of days was challenging, they are becoming easier now. I would definitely recommend this program to others who are looking for fall prevention.

Debbie Lynn – Canton, GA, USA

I had been having problems with my hip locking, then I found the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program and ordered it.

I try to use the stretches weekly but definitely when my hip flexors lock. I also use the hamstring exercises. After a few sessions, I felt much better.

Glenis Hughes – Spencer Park, WA, Australia

I’ve been doing your The Top 10 Morning Movements to Loosen Up Your Joints exercises for several weeks and I’ve gone from extreme discomfort to no pain at all. It’s fantastic!

I can now bounce out of bed and look forward to the day. You are my hero. Thank you Rick.

Tawnie Cisneros – Chicago, IL, USA

I’ve been doing the Unlock your Hip Flexors exercise series for 2 days and I am honestly shocked. I slept with almost no pain last night for the first time in 2 years. And this is after therapy, weight training, foam rolling, stretching, and other attempts to rid myself of the nagging pain.

I thought my running days were over but I’m hopeful that after a few weeks of this program, I might be able to ease back in! Thank you.

Jennifer Doyle – Queensland, AustraliaJennifer Doyle – Queensland, Australia

I only started with the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program a week ago, but the improvement to my walking is unbelievable! Before giving this a try, I would be in a bit of pain but it was the stiffness that really held me.

Now, I’m walking so much freely and I even started my running back up after 4 years. I really like that it does not take long to do and you don’t need any equipment to do them with. Thank you so much Rick for making these exercises available!

Carmen Corbeil – Bonnyville, AB, Canada

“I have only done the Cardio For Those Who Hate Cardio workout a couple of times at this point but I felt satisfied with the workouts when I finished. I can add extra repetitions for more of a workout if I need for future workouts. Having enough time to complete and workout that encompasses cardio and strengthening is always hard to come by and this program brings it all together.

I also like the ease, simplicity and realness of the program. Having the ability to view the instructional videos is really helpful. Jenna is always wonderful to have as an instructor!”

Peter West – Fife, United KingdomPeter West – Fife, United Kingdom

“After doing 10 or 12 sessions, I am finding the Cardio For Those Who Hate Cardio exercises getting easier and I am not fighting so much for breath. Best part is the exercises are not too difficult to follow or do. So, there is nothing to dislike here. The program is suited to anyone and it will improve your cardiovascular system safely and effectively.”

Sandra Taylor – Nova Scotia, Canada

“I have improved since doing several of Rick’s programs over the past couple of years. I am able to walk now, usually a couple of miles or more. I can stand much more comfortably with both legs just about the same length now. It no longer hurts to stand on my right leg.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program gives me much of my life back. I feel much more confident knowing I have knowledge of specific exercises that are good for the hips, and though it seems to be very gradual, I am encouraged that I am doing much better now than 2 to 3 years ago.”

Julie Pyle – Carson, CA, USAJulie Pyle – Carson, CA, USA

The Sacroiliac Pain Solution series is a well-planned, easy-to-follow exercise routine which gently guides the user through a series of movements to increase strength and movement in this critical area.

It starts with self- assessment and moves through beginning to advanced exercise routines at a programmed pace similar to what a physical therapist would do. This program uses very little equipment and can be started at home.

Sheryl Hill – Airdrie, AB, Canada

First, I would like to say that Cardio For Those Who Hate Cardio program is amazing! It really works.

This has got me feeling like I can get my metabolism going again without half killing myself. So hooray to Rick and his programs!

Wendy Owen – Queensland, Australia

My greatest challenge is that I have one leg shorter than the other. This leads to pain in the lower back and glute area, especially in the evening.

It has been a lot better since I started doing the Sacroiliac Pain Solution program. It helped improve my posture. I am hoping it will go away completely the pain in my lower back and glute area.

Esther Hansen, RDN – Fort Collins, CO, USA

I developed SI joint dysfunction during my pregnancy 4 years ago. I faithfully went to PT, chiropractic, massage and acupuncture – all of which helped, but weren’t long-term solutions. I was in pain and had trouble walking. Being out of joint caused compensation in the rest of my body leading to neck pain, back pain and more.

When I did the exercises on the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, my pain was resolved within 2 day, which saved me tons of money on extra therapies. Now, I am back to yoga and running.

Christina Schmidt – Flint, MI, USA

I did my first set today for the Sacroiliac Pain Solution program and I can definitely tell it’s doing something! As I’m doing some of the stretches I can feel that “good burn”.Crossing my fingers for continued results! I’m going to try and challenge my husband to do them with me so he can get a small idea of what I’m doing.

Bob Hatibovich – Adelaide, South AustraliaBob Hatibovich – Adelaide, South Australia

My knowledge of the human body has been enhanced significantly over the last 3 years or so since I started utilizing your website. The Cardio For Those Who Hate Cardio program is absolutely easy to understand and use. The vast range of solutions you provide has made it easier to treat my clients significantly better.

I am forever grateful to all your programs!

Trish Austin – Grand Junction, CO, USATrish Austin – Grand Junction, CO, USA

I have low back SI joint pain and Lumbar pain, which is why I bought the Best Gluteus Maximus Exercises program.

The program is specifically geared towards back pain and not just another glute exercise. I would definitely recommend your program to other people.

Wiliiam DeYoung – Bend, OR, USA

I do like The 9-Minute Morning program because it has basic to advanced levels of exercises. I also like that a lot of the exercises border on yoga.

Hoan Quan – Tacoma, WA USA

I’m perfectly normal and not in any pain before or after the program.

I did the exercises on the 12 Minute Fat Melt Flow program and I must say, it is really quality made and excellent!

Benoit Simard – San Andrés Tuxtla, Ver., México

I have tried the two drinks presented in the New Year’s Party Cookbook and they are very tasty and refreshing.

The salmon and cucumber tarts taste great! Thank you very much for sharing!

Dave Benner – Lenoir City, TN, USA

I have only done the exercises on the Unlock Your Tight Shoulders program for one week and it has helped me. I used to have a painful, jammed up like the LA freeway shoulder but it has less pain now.

W.B – Moraga, CA, USA

The Top 10 Morning Movements to Loosen Up Your Joints helped my morning pain and has become a part of my morning routine. It is not difficult to do and does not take up much time!

Judith Dechat – Woodford, VA, USA

After 15 years of being chronically ill from Lymes and having had lung cancer, I finally have enough energy to start exercising.

I’ve been following your Unlock Your Hip Flexors program and I can see a difference in my energy levels. With these exercises, I can tell that not only my body is responding, but also my brain is activating and my muscles are finally waking up. Thank you!

Tim Berryman – Rowville, VI, Australia

Before I started using the Lo-Hi @ Home Workout program, I felt a lot of body stiffness and lethargy. After doing the program for some time, I do not feel any morning stiffness.

The main benefit for me is the increase in energy levels since I started using the exercises in the Lo-Hi @ Home Workout program.

Sharon Helmick – Wellington, OH, USA

I have struggled with being consistent with exercising as I have trouble with my feet and walking is no longer a good option for exercise. Then, I found the Lo-Hi @ Home Workout program. It is easy to do and short, making it easier to get motivated to actually do it!

Robert Mcclendon – Oceanside, CA, USA

On the other days, I use the 11 Daily Stretches to Feel and Look Amazing as a break upon awakening and between TV shows and computer sessions. These are especially helpful since the descriptions and pictures remind me of necessary details. Very few will stay committed to a very complex, time-consuming array of activities but these stretches can be easily achieved! Thanks!

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