A Look at How Breathing Affects Your Core Function

A Look at How Breathing Affects Your Core Function

February 5, 2020 Rick Kaselj

One of the most common issues underlying core dysfunction is poor breathing patterns. Many people with core problems breathe incorrectly, primarily using their upper chest. Correct breathing involves using the diaphragm and breathing into the base of the lungs. This pattern of breathing is known as “diaphragmatic breathing.” If something […]

5 Strengthening Yoga Poses

5 Strengthening Yoga Poses

August 5, 2019 Rick Kaselj

Use the following gentle strengthening exercises from yoga to condition your body and increase your strength without using any expensive equipment. All you need is a good yoga mat. These movements are very low impact […]

3 Effective Beginner Core Exercises

October 10, 2016 Rick Kaselj

Over the weekend, the family and I walked the yellow brick road: We visited this neat little place where they built fairy tale structures throughout the forest. The family had a lot of fun, especially the kids. […]

Core Training Tips

June 5, 2012 Rick Kaselj

The Spinal Health and Core Training seminar last weekend in Edmonton was great. We had a great group of people that attended and the information shared by all four presenters was great. We all were […]

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