Why Your Immune System Needs Zinc

November 22, 2019 Rick Kaselj

Getting a cold? Here, take some zinc. It’s advice you’re likely to hear from family, friends and even your doctor during cold and flu season. You may also see advertisements for cold-remedy products like Cold-EEZE […]


Avoid Toxic Air Fresheners

October 25, 2019 Rick Kaselj

When plug-in air fresheners came onto the market in the 1990s, they became extremely popular. Along with spray air fresheners and standalone options, they offered an easy and economical way to freshen the air inside […]

14 Natural Ways to Treat a Sunburn

14 Natural Ways to Treat a Sunburn

May 17, 2019 Rick Kaselj

It’s bound to happen this summer. You’re out enjoying a beautiful sunny day and, despite your best efforts, you notice the disturbing sting of a sunburn on your skin. At the first sign of sunburn, […]

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