3 Quick Exercises to Strengthen the Lumbar Spine

3 Quick Exercises to Strengthen the Lumbar Spine

Before I came in the gym to film a variety of YouTube videos like this one, I asked people on my Facebook fan page which just hit 8000 likes which I am really excited about, I asked if there were any specific videos that people wanted me to do while I was at the gym and Chelsea submitted an idea. She was looking for different exercises to strengthen the lumbar spine.

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Here are 3 Plate exercises to strengthen the lumbar spine.

I will get Orsy to go through them.

All three of these exercises are using with a weight plate which is found in most gyms. If you do not have a weight plate, you can use a dumbbell or gallon milk container filled with water or sand.

Lets get to the first exercise…

#1 – Single Plate Walk

Orsy is carrying the plate in one arm and walking. The rest of her body is nice and upright. From the side she is in good alignment and from the front she is in good alignment.

Single Plate Walk

Single Plate Walk

She is fighting that weight to keep her nicely balanced. We are working on the isometric strength of that core which ends up strengthening that lumbar spine. And with it being in isometric contraction it puts less stress on that low back or lumbar spine.

#2 – Plate Squat

She is holding the plate out front and then she is going into a squatting movement. With that plate out front it puts more loads on the muscles in the abdominal area so they have to work harder and they are challenged harder and when we challenge them more, they will end up strengthening that lumbar spine.

Plate Squat

Plate Out Front Squat

If that ends up being too difficult with the plate out front, you can decrease the distance. Orsy can have it closer to herself. She still has a loaded front and is still challenging those abdominal areas but it’s a level back from the one with the arms straight out

Plate Close to the Chest Squat

Plate Close to the Chest Squat

#3 – Plate Out Front with High Knees

Her arms are straight out and she is going to alternate back and forth with the knees. What we are working on here is with the plate out front we are working that core area, especially that anterior core and strengthening it will help strengthen that lumbar spine.

Plate Out Front with High Knees

Plate Out Front with High Knees

When we start lifting that knee up what we are doing is working on that hip stability which ends up helping strengthen that lumbar spine. We also end up working on the balance in our ankle, knees, hips and low back which help that lumbar spine.

And just like with the squat, if having the plate way out front is too difficult, I can decrease the lever and have the plate close to me and I can go with those high knees.

Plate Close to the Chest with high knees

Plate Close to the Chest with High Knees

The important thing to remember about the high knees is there is no change in that lumbar spine. The curve is staying the same and we are working on educating the body on hip movement as opposed to low back movement.

There you go Chelsea, give those a go on yourself or on your clients. These are 3 Plate exercises that you can do to strengthen your lumbar spine.

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