Kristine Marie Garay

Kristine Marie Garay’s interest in physical therapy and rehabilitation stemmed from her love of dance as a child. Most dancers understand the physical demands that dance has on the body, and are all too familiar with the injuries and chronic pain that often occur as a result. Kristine Marie pursued her training at Riverside College, earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy and is currently a registered Physiotherapist.

Kristine Marie has focused much of her career on helping the Elderly and those with Neurological Disorders. She uses a variety of manual techniques, including myofascial release, joint mobilization and manipulation to help restore tissue and joint health. She has worked in various rehabilitation centers, gaining invaluable experience in proper biomechanics, training modification and injury prevention. In recent years, Kristine Marie gained an even greater appreciation for treating sports injuries. Her rehabilitation protocol focuses on addressing muscle imbalances, while using specific exercises to address injury rehabilitation and prevention. She enjoys creating individualized programs that integrate various diverse techniques, depending on a client’s symptoms and their desired outcomes.

Working with people of all ages and abilities continues to motivate Kristine Marie’s pursuit of greater education and experience. As a Home Health Physiotherapist, she is dedicated to building positive energy with her clients by sharing her enthusiastic belief in each person’s ability to improve their physical health. She is dedicated to empowering her clients to be active participants in their recovery processes.

Joining the EFI team has allowed Kristine Marie to share her passion for injury awareness, rehabilitation and prevention, while being an advocate for the significant impact exercise has on health and well-being.