5 MISTAKES People Make When Dealing With Foot Pain

5 MISTAKES People Make When Dealing With Foot Pain

It is important to understand what might be causing this discomfort and reduce the risk of making these mistakes when dealing with foot pain.

A few weeks back, I was in Miami at a Mastermind meeting. One of the attendees at the Mastermind meeting was Shawna K.

She asked me what she could do to end her foot pain, and here is my answer…

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Shawna: Hey! Shawna K, ChallengeWorkouts.com. I am with my good friend Rick Kaselj from ExercisesForInjuries.com, and we are in Miami. I flew here to ask you this question because I have plantar fasciitis in this foot from doing jump rope. Then I did a bunch of videos and wore my Pumas (not my good shoes). Now, I need it to be fixed. So what am I going to do, Rick?

Rick: That’s very common…

Shawna: I know! I have been very patient!

Rick: Well, why didn’t you see me yesterday? Why did you wait till today to see me?

Shawna: I know! Exactly! So, what am I going to do?

Rick: There are a couple of things. My number one philosophy is you should keep doing something. Just because you have an injury or pain doesn’t mean you must stop doing everything. You can work around it. You can work around injuries. If you have plantar fasciitis, you could still do upper bodywork. You can still do other hip-dominant exercises. So, you could decrease the stress on that area to allow it to recover, but you still can get your workout.


Number two, there are tons of things that we are doing that are making it worse, and you have to remember that. Stretching will help, but there are probably five other things you are doing that are counteracting all the beneficial things you are doing, like stretching.


Calf Tightness

You will stretch the calf if you do the wrong type of stretching for Plantar Fasciitis. Calf tightness affects the Fascia, which is underneath the foot’s arch. What you need to do are specific stretches for that Fascia as opposed to just stretching out your calf. Thus, doing the wrong type of stretching is people’s biggest mistake when dealing with foot pain.

The other thing that people need to look at is ankle mobility. So, it could be how your ankle mobility is when you have your shoes on and what kind of footwear you are wearing, like the boots you are currently wearing.

Shawna: Are you saying these are good or bad?

Rick: Boots restrict your ankle movement. The ankle movement is key in how much stress gets put on that Fascia. If you lack ankle movement, another part of the body has to pick up that movement, so it will often end up being more in the foot and dealing it foot pain. More stress on the Fascia.

Look at what you are wearing when it comes to your ankle movement. Look at what your regular ankle movement is. You can’t just look at the foot only but also at the rest of the body. We are talking about this when it comes to your other injuries. These will affect the recovery of your Plantar Fasciitis and getting Plantar Fasciitis.

Shawna: Yeah, they are related. They are all connected!

Rick: It’s all connected. It is not just in the foot but also in the hamstring part of our leg. Hamstring tightness affects Plantar Fasciitis as well.

So, it would help if you looked at all these things. I covered five:

  1. Workaround the injury. This is so important as there are probably things you are doing that are counteracting the good things you do.
  2. Specific fascial stretches as opposed to calf stretches
  3. Ankle mobility
  4. Type of footwear you are wearing
  5. Hamstring flexibility

Shawna: Alright! Wow! I have some work ahead of me, and I think you have something to help me, right?

Rick: I do! I do!

Shawna: Okay! So I will check out Rick’s program and will keep you posted on that. If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, check out the link below for the program.

Rick: I have helped you with a few injuries!

Shawna: Exactly! He has helped me a lot. So, this is another one we could add to the list. Just click the link below if you have Plantar Fasciitis too!

Rick: Talk to you again soon!

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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