Excellent Filler Exercise for the Ankle

Today, I wanted to go through an Excellent Filler Exercise for the Ankle.

Filler Exercises are quick exercises that you can do between sets or your other major exercises in order to help overcome and prevent injury, improve your mobility, and improve the movement of your body.

Excellent Filler Exercise for the Ankle


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I will go through this exercise that is excellent for the ankle, using a resistive band. Sit down on the floor, with one leg straightened and the other one bent. Grab the resistive band tubing and loop it around just above the arch of your foot. Pull the tubing back, try to bend that ankle and then relax.

Excellent Filler Exercise for the Ankle

Filler Exercise for the Ankle

You might get a light stretch in the calf area, but what we are really trying to do is get that ankle moving. Often, the ankle becomes stiff and tight just based upon on how we sleep and the kind of shoes we are wearing. We are not moving the ankle in that four ranges of motion.

Do 5 to 10 repetitions. You are not really looking for that stretch in the calf. Rather, look to loosen up that ankle and increase the range of motion in the ankle as you are pulling it back and relaxing.

There you go. Give that filler exercise a go. It is something that you can slide in between your sets. This will help you improve your movement, improve your squats, overcome and prevent injuries.

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Rick Kaselj, MS