Head to Toe Core Fusion Class

May 3, 2011 Rick Kaselj

The Best Core Fusion Workout, And Why You Need It Core strength is a game-changing type that will change how you see your body and move. From back pain to forwarding thinking, the importance of […]

Boxing Week Sale copy

Box of Books Week Sale

December 27, 2010 Rick Kaselj

Reading is a joy, but buying books can be a challenge. Thankfully, book lovers have the annual Box of Books Week sale to look forward to once a year. It’s an opportunity for bookworms everywhere […]

Just Blogging Because

September 9, 2010 Rick Kaselj

Blogging might be one of the easiest ways to share your ideas and thoughts with people you don’t know in real life. It is a great way to establish a personal brand and generate a […]

The Fitness Industry and Injuries

The Fitness Industry and Injuries

August 8, 2010 Rick Kaselj

Let us learn about the fitness industry and injuries as it is booming with new workout trends, technology, and equipment. With that boom comes an increased risk of injury. The more complicated a workout, the […]

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