Bulletproofing Your Clients Knees and Lower Back on Mike Roberts

Bulletproofing a client’s knee and lower back pain can be extremely debilitating to perform even the most basic tasks. Standing for long periods, climbing stairs, or bending over can all become uncomfortable or even painful for those with chronic knee or lower back pain.

Fortunately, massage therapy can help relieve much of the stress on these joints and assist in healing them faster. If you have either knee or lower back pain then several different types of massage can assist you in recovering from your injuries and getting back to normal activities more quickly.

How to Bulletproof Your Client’s Knees and Lower Back

Your client may be sitting with proper posture, but that doesn’t mean they’re not vulnerable to knee and lower back pain. Though sitting with proper posture is important, it’s also important for your client to have some knee and lower back support. Knee support may come in the form of a leg pillow, a knee pad, or even a rolled-up towel placed under the knee. A lower back support may come from a rolled-up towel or a lumbar support pillow. While a lumbar support pillow provides the same knee support as a rolled-up towel, it also supports the lower back and helps the client maintain proper posture throughout their workday.

When I was in Indianapolis earlier this year at the NCAA Final Four so I stopped by to visit Mike Robertson, and we did a quick video for you.

Mike and I did a quick interview, giving you a better idea of what to expect from the courses/seminar.

Let’s get to the interview.

What You Will Learn in the Seminars with Mike Robertson

In Part 1 of the interview, Mike Robertson will share with you:

  • Who is Mike
  • What bulletproofing Your Clients’ Lower Back will cover
  • What bulletproofing Your Clients’ Knees will cover

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Due to the interview length therefore I had to split things into two parts. Here is the second part.

In Part 2 of the interview, Mike Robertson will share with you:

  • What to Expect During the 2-Day Seminar
  • Thoughts about Personal Training Field

CLICK HERE for more info on Bulletproofing Your Client’s Knees and Lower Back Seminar with Mike Robertson

Strategies for a Bulletproof Knee Position

If your client’s knees are caved in, the first thing you should do is assess the rest of the pose. In the case that the rest of the pose requires a knee position that does not involve caving the knees, you do not need to do any knee adjustments. If the rest of the pose is okay, you can use these knee-positioning techniques to help your client avoid caving their knees. If the rest of the pose requires a caved knee, then you will want to bulletproof the knee position before assisting the rest of the pose.

I hope the interview with Mike will give you a better idea of what to expect from the courses.

We will see you there.

If you want more information about Mike Robertson, he will present a 16-hour course/seminar in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in December.

Details are below.

We hope to see you there.


Bulletproofing Your Client’s Knees & Lower Back

– A Step-by-Step Guide to Preventing and Treating Your Client’s  Knees and Lower Back Pain in Your Clients and Athletes –


There’s no such thing as a new patient who doesn’t have a bulletproofing client’s knee and lower back pain problem. What do you do if you get a patient with a knee or lower back problem? Do you refer them to another trainer or coach or do you have the skills to train them safely and effectively?

In this two-day course, Mike Robertson will provide a comprehensive overview of his knee and lower back prevention and injury recovery approach. Over the 16 hours of hands-on learning, Mike will take you through his total body assessment, highlighting areas your patient needs to focus on to prevent or overcome lower back and knee conditions. He will take you through a step-by-step approach to matching the assessment results to exercises he uses for his clients. To finish off the course, Mike will reveal how he puts his prevention or rehabilitation programs together for maximal client results while avoiding the mistakes that many trainers and coaches make

What will be Covered by Mike Robertson:

  • You will discover a quick total body assessment that highlights potential knee and back issues
  • A way of matching your assessment results with exercises to help your knee & back clients
  • The best way to put activities together to fend off lower back and knee issues
  • The daily routines that your clients must do to fend off lower back and knee injuries
  • An introduction to the rarely discussed anatomy details to help your clients recover from a lower back and knee condition.
  • Common mistakes trainers and coaches make with knee & lower back injuries
DATE: December 11 (Lower Back) & 12 (Knee), 2010

TIME: 8:45 am to 6:00 pm (16 hours)

LOCATION: Vancouver College – 5400 Cartier Street (near 41st and Granville) Vancouver, BC, Canada.)


Who is Mike Robertson?

Mike Robertson MS, BSc, CSCS – is the President of Robertson Training Systems and Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (I-FAST) co-owner in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mike has made a name for himself as one of the premier performance coaches in the world, helping clients and athletes from all walks of life achieve their physique and sports performance goals.

FAQ – Common Questions

Will Mike Robertson be presenting these courses again? No, this is the first and only time he will offer this course. Mike does not do many presentations. He does some short one to two-hour presentations for conferences but does not do full-day seminars. I was lucky enough to sweet-talk him into presenting two full days in Vancouver. I don’t think he has ever-present two full 8-hour days, sharing all his secrets regarding training the knee and lower back.

Will Mike Robertson be coming back to Canada to present again? No, this is his first visit, and he has no plans to return. I had to book Mike a year in advance to have him come up to Vancouver and present. From what I know, Mike’s schedule is nearly complete for 2011.

Can’t I make the course? I would find a way to get to the system. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from one of the excellent rehabilitation and performance trainers out there.

I have purchased Mike’s Bullet Proof Knees book and DVD. Will this be much different from the book?
Here is Mike’s response to the question – As for the presentation, it’s not comparable to the book. The book says, “do this, do this,” etc. This will cover the principles behind the book so that they can develop their programming based on individual clients’ needs. Not even in the same ballpark.

I have never heard of Mike Robertson. What has he done? I got an interview with Mike Robertson for you. Check out the course flyer to see a detailed bio of Mike Robertson. It is impressive. To see him in action, here is a clip from the video presentation that Mike had done for Muscle Imbalances Revealed:

3 Keys to Remember when Assessing Your Client with Mike Robertson

Enjoy the interview.

Mike Robertson goes through:

  • Why assessments are so critical to the fitness professional
  • What kinds of evaluations that Mike goes through
  • The boundary a fitness professional has when assessing a client
  • Tips for your assessment
  • The number one trap that fitness professionals fall into when assessing a client.

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