What Does Forward Head Posture Before and After Look Like

In today’s video, I will explain what does forward head posture before and after look like.

What Does Forward Head Posture Before and After Look Like

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I’ll get Donnalee demonstrate.

Forward head posture looks like your head is slightly forward and your shoulders are rounded. Ideally, your head should be in line with your shoulders and with your hips.

FHP sitting

Forward head posture is really common when it comes to driving, sitting, watching TV or playing on your phone. If you have forward head posture, your head and shoulders are coming forward. Your mid back is being rounded which puts a lot of pressure in the mid back, shoulder, front of the shoulder and neck areas. After your forward head posture has been fixed, your head and shoulders are back to its correct position where your head is on top of the shoulders and hips.

So there you go, that’s what forward head posture looks like before and then after you do something about it.

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Rick Kaselj, MS