Correct Your Forward Head Posture With This Easy Exercise

I hope you had a great weekend. Over here in Kelowna, we are starting to feel the summer.


One thing that I noticed over the weekend while walking around the town is that a lot of people are playing Pokémon Go. Too much playing of this mobile game may lead to Forward Head Posture and neck pain. So, I got a quick forward head posture fix for you.



In today’s video, I wanted to go through a quick forward head posture fix.

Quick Forward Head Posture Fix

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I got Donnalee to demonstrate.

This exercise is called the 123 Exercise, which is a great quick fix for forward head posture. This will enable you to put your head and shoulders in good alignment.

123 Exercise

123 Exercise

Place your hands out front and bring your elbows backwards. Bring the elbows to the side and then straighten the hands, reaching down a little bit. Perform one set of 5 repetitions, holding the end position for 5 or 10 seconds.

Give that exercise a go!

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS