3 Health Issues Every Person With a Saggy Butt Should Know

3 Health Issues Every Person With A Saggy Butt Should Know

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Today, I have an interview for you with Alli Kerr, relating to saggy butt syndrome.


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In the interview above, you will discover:

  • Who is Alli Kerr?
  • What is Saggy butt syndrome?
  • 3 health issues every person with a saggy butt should know
  • Why are squats not enough to fix a droopy butt?

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If you are unable to watch or listen to the interview above, check out the transcript below.

Rick: Hey! This is Rick Kaselj. Injury Specialist from ExercisesForInjuries.com. In today’s video, I wanted to go through an interview with Alli Kerr, and I’ll get Alli Kerr to introduce herself and then we’ll start kind of talking about saggy butt syndrome. So Alli I’ll get you to introduce yourself to the listeners, viewers, and readers, and then we’ll get into the interview.

Alli: Awesome. Thank you so much, Rick, for allowing me to come on an interview with you and talk about the saggy-butt syndrome. I actually work with most females, I actually own a women-only facility and do personal training for women and I’ve also been a fitness competitor. I’ve been a personal trainer for years and one of the things that I have learned a lot about and specialize in now is the booty area, and that’s from my own struggles working to lift my own saggy booty and just making some discoveries on how to really see some significant changes in that area. And so now that’s one of the things that I focus on with clients.

What is Saggy Butt Syndrome?

Rick: Awesome. I mean, it definitely makes sense if in your facility you focus on training with females. I’m quite sure that’s an area that they point out and want to work up with. So let’s start off with what is this saggy butt syndrome.

reverse saggy butt

Alli: Great question. And most women, we really know what we’re talking about when we say saggy butt because even though we might not look back there a lot, when we do. Especially when it becomes swimsuit time or we’re putting on a dress or tight-fitting outfit, we start to notice. And it happens as we age. But it can start when we’re younger then the hips start to sag and the belly starts to pooch.

It’s sort of the opposite of thick. The front side is sticking out and the back side is falling. So we’re losing that tissue in the back and the hip area and we start getting sagging. And women know the term, we call it the butt crease, which is that line between the top of the thighs and the booty. And so you start getting sagging there, and things just kind of fall. Gravity takes on and it’s not the look that we’re going for as ladies, and I’m sure it’s not the look that you men want to see either. (laughing)

Issues in Saggy Butt

Rick: Okay. Good point. And so you talked about saggy butt being more of like a visual thing. But it also can lead to other things. And what would be some of the issues that it can lead to other than it not being the desired look that you want?

Alli: Absolutely. It can absolutely lead to some joint issues and postural issues, tight hip flexors. I know that you talk a lot about tight hip flexors and this is actually something that can contribute to tight hip flexors, or that tight hip flexors can contribute to. So those two things work together. That’s one area. And then also back issues, knee issues, just general our posture. When we lose the tone in our hips, in our butt, and the lift in that area. It just really affects our whole posture and that can even go all the way up to the neck and cause neck problems. So it’s really amazing how our body is so interconnected and one thing can lead to another, can lead to another.

Why Squats Cannot fix Saggy Butt Syndrome?

Rick: Okay. A lot of times when people, usually ladies, see that their booty isn’t exactly what they’re hoping it would be, they’ll oftentimes just focus on the leg exercise that they know, which would end up being squats. So why is it that squats might not be the best choice when it comes to helping fix the saggy butt syndrome?

back workout to reverse saggy butt

Alli: Squats are going to target the legs, they’re going to target certain parts of the glutes. However, what I experienced, was one of the things. When I was struggling with really lifting the hips, was when I first really started working on it and really worrying about it. Really wanted to fix it when I was a fitness competitor. And when I was in competitions the judges would constantly tell me that I needed to work on the glute area. The sagging area and really work on balancing that out and lifting it.

And I was already doing tons of squats and some of the other traditional lower body exercises and I felt so frustrated because I was working so hard and nothing was changing in that area. I was still getting the same feedback, the same comments every show after show that I would do. And so I really went back into my textbook. Researched and looked at what does affect that glute area and the top of the thighs, the glutes. I also went to a physical therapist and met with the physical therapist to try to see if I can just figure out anything. Maybe there was something I was missing that I could do to help that area that I just was leaving out of the workouts.

Final Words

And that’s when I discovered from research and going to the physical therapist and trying lots of different exercises, I started that instead of just focusing on the hip area. I actually started focusing on the muscle group, which you’re familiar with, called the erector spine, which goes up the spine. It goes all the way from the lower spine all the way up to the neck area. And that muscle group has a huge effect on lifting our hips and our posture.

Many times we think, “Well, if I want to lift that lower part of the booty I need to go at it from the lower end of the body”. And what I discovered was I really wasn’t going at it from the top, the back, and working my way down and lifting from the top of the body. I was focusing so much on the squats and the lower body exercises. And when I made that discovery and really started incorporating those exercises for the back and the spine, I really started seeing that lifting happening in my booty and getting rid of the sagging. And I was like,“Wow! This is what I’ve been missing this whole time”.

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